Tarot Reading gives negative signs

I had tarot reading done from one of the casters. The reading turned out that the spell which I wanted to cast has unlikely chances of getting succeeded. Has anyone here had similar experience and later the spell turned out to be successful? Is there anything I can do to improve the chances of my spell to succeed?

Yes, you can alter the outcome. All a tarot reading does is it gives you the most probable outcome based on the current variables. One of the reasons a lot of magicians (Donald Tyson, Konstantinos, Christopher Penzcak etc) recommend having a reading done before doing any magick is for just this reason, to check the likely result and to help fine tune the magick.

So, you have three options. You can try to tweak the planned ritual to increase the odds of success, you can choose to go forward with your spell anyway, or you can do a different spell altogether.

There’s not much advice we can give on how to increase the chance of success without knowing what kind of spell you want to do. Are there mundane steps you can take to help with the outcome you want? Is what you want to accomplish within your Sphere of Availability?


I had reconcilation spells that has been casted for me. I wanted to have tarot reading regarding the progress of these spells. Tarot reading turned out that the chances of success of these spells are unlikely and success of further spells are not looking great as well.

What that tells me is that the person you want to reconcile with has made up their mind and set their Will against the reconciliation. In other words, they are standing firm against your magick.

What I would recommend is to work to soften their heart towards you, which will cause the firmness of their decision to waver, giving your reconciliation magick a chance.

You should look into trying a honey jar spell to “sweeten” them up first.


Moreover, reading came out that I should have more gratitude towards magic. What does gratitude towards talisman/magic spells necessarily mean? Should I offer them something or should I feel greatfull under the assumption they are working towards my goal?

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Maybe work with King Paimon or Lord Beleth to sway their minds your way first, then cast your spell.

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Does working with King Paimon or Lord Beleth does not count as spell work? I assumed evocation as a kind of spell work till now. Forgive me, If I am wrong.

All good, friend.

Think of this as layers of spell work.

A single spell is powerful, if charged with tne rignt intent, however, many practitioners like to layer spells to reach an end result.

  1. Call on Llrd Beleth to sway their mind towards welcoming you.
  2. Call on Sitri to influence emotion towards you to be favorable.
  3. Cast your personal work, it will be much more likely to work, just let the Kings do their work, give them a few weeks to do their thing.

I’m gonna move this to New Magician Help. It belongs there.


What they mean is to show appreciation to the spirits and the powers. Have confidence in those working on your behalf. Treat them as you would good friends, and trust them to do the job. Also, try to cultivate a sense of wonder towards magick. Don’t treat it the same way as you would doing the dishes. It’s not a “do A to get B” kind of thing. Respect it.

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Got it. Will try to develop that sort of gratitude towards the spirits from now onwards :slight_smile:


Sure. This might be helpful to new members of the forum


If it helps, I have been told the same thing recently, to trust the spirits, and to recapture the wonder of magick so I am not being facetious with my advice. I’m learning the same lessons. :slight_smile:


As far as moving the topic, i occasuonally post here when i dont have answers.

When you think you know everything about Magick, you need to take a step back, pick up the shovel, and realize that you just broke through the top layer.

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