Tarot Reading Free for the BALG LH pathfinders for the first 10 members contacting me (CLOSED)

Dear left hand friends, I love tarot and have more than 30 decks including rare ones :). I am quite happy to contribute to the left hand path community as much as I can. First 10 people contact me I do free reading one question or topic. You are welcome to contact me on general forum
Happy 2021!


I’ll take one. How does the guy I like truly feel about me? Thanks in advance.

What do I need to know about myself to get myself out of the current situation im in?

Thank you in advance

Thank you, may I have a reading?

I’ll take one :slight_smile:
Will PM shortly

ill take one, will pm

Can i have one? i will pm with question

i want one please

Can I get one please? Thank you for your offer!
If you can, I am just curious what’s coming up next magically/spiritually for me, so I guess like a general reading?

I’d like a general reading pls.

I want one please

I want one general reading please

Can I get one . ? Thanks

I’d like a reading too, please! The topic is shapeshifting and lycanthropy.

Are the spirits I feel are calling me true or am I just being hopeful?

If you’re still doing these. Thank you

Dear all, we have now 15 people and I am closing the service. First 10 readings will go first in order it was received and 5 others are after. With hugs, Relick

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Thanks for doing reading for the peeps, I was curious what’s the rare ones your talking about,. Also damn that’s alot of decks do you have alot of different standard major minor types or is it mainly all oracle. I only have 5 decks. Have you heard of the Angelareum deck? So it’s different your supposed to get all answers from visions when looking at revealed card. The only time I used it it gave a short vision that I relayed to the requester and they understood what it meant that they needed to start teaching healing at there practice not just doing healing.
So sorry to bug but any tips for when I select the card running my hand over the deck feeling fo the energy like I try to stretch out my energy threw my fingers into the cards sometimes, any ideas like that that work good, the first time I ever did tarot I felt the cards the most.
So yea sorry to pester just figured you might be willing to chat between reading.

Dear Jasmine, shall send you this reading in private?

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Dear Blaine, I will reply this weekend. Do want to receive reading on this chat or in private? I will use 2 readings as minimum and due to the nature of the question I would use also a special deck of infernal tarot (German origin from 16th century). I do not know your level of tolerance to readings hence, will do as is.

Private message please.

Thank you for your generosity, I look forward to hearing what the cards show you.