Tarot Reading Free February -15 members first come first served (Closed)

Dear Left Hand friends, I love tarot and have more than 30 decks including rare ones :). I am quite happy to continue contributing to the left hand path community. First 15 people contact me I do free reading one question or topic. Please consider to have a specific question, and those who would like to have in depth with numerology read provide your first name (the one you use daily) and DOB-all is confidential of course. Cheers :slight_smile:


I’ll take one, I’ll pm you

Hi :slight_smile:
I would like one please, I’ll pm you my question if you don’t mind.

I’ll pm you.

May I join?

I will take one too, i will pm you btw.

I will pm you thanks


I would like one. I will pm you my question.

Il pm thanks

Thanks for this :sunflower:
I’d like one, please. I’ll PM you my question.

I’ll pm you.

I’d like one. I’ll pm you. Thank you for doing this.


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Id like one! I’ll pm😃

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Dear all, thank you! I am closing the post as we have reached 15 :slight_smile:


Shouldn’t it be only 14? I think it counts your first post as well

@Relick,im the 15 th person,please take mine…

Okay :slight_smile:

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Thanks dear…m