Tarot reading for practice

For now I will take the first five people who post. I may take more later. If you don’t want to make your question public post here first then pm me your question. I will be working on these over the next day or two.


I would like one. PM me the results, please.

Pm’d You :wink:

I would like one
I pm’d You

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Id like one too

@ReyCuervo and @eVox_61 do you have a question in mind?

I’d like one too :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I’ll PM you.

That makes five. I have to feed my spawn and tend to her then I will start working on them


If you do another lot of people, I’d like one😀

Yep, I’ll take one if you open up more :slight_smile:

@Ray . next soulmate?? aren’t you happy with the one you got? haha. :+1: I’m already having trouble meeting just one of mine in this lifetime. the heaven must not like me to not bring that person into my life. and i’m like halfway through my life already. :angry: humph.

Hi I would like a reading too. When will I meet my soulmate. Thanks in advance :blush:

If still open I would love one too😊

Yes i did pm you :slight_smile: