Tarot reading exchanges

I’d really like to build experience in a serious way, and help people out, and I notice a lot of people are offering free readings.
I’m more interested in a sharing experience with multiple people, to regenerate my energy giving free readings in more chaotic zones. All different kinds of readings to learn. Anyone interested?
I can share readings here, or if personal, email high quality images and a word document in exchange for critical feedback/testimonial/reading.


Hi! I’d like a personal reading regarding my love life. Thanks!

Hey there, I’d like personal reading about my career and love life :slight_smile: thanks

Can i get one about my currebt love situation as well please😁

Pm me as I would like one but it’s sorta personal. I just don’t want it posted on the thread.

Hi, i would like a person reading. im struggling with what i feel and what i was taught can i get a reading?

i would love one

Hi I would very much like a reading regarding my career and love life.

Thank you.

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I would like one

I’m interested and pm me what you get please.

I have a lot of responses. Only responding to exchanges, not offering free readings.


@Saga I’ll exchange.

Ok, sweet. Do you want to do dm or public readings? Because you can message me a question, or you can go first.

Also anyone else who wants to exchange with someone other than me is welcome to post. I feel like I wasn’t clear enough in my original post about what I wanted, and it has caused confusion. But I cant find the edit button…

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The ability to edit expires an hour after posting i believe, which is why you cant edit your original post now.

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I would rather do a pm.

I would like an exchange - can we please do it via PM? Thanks.

Sure. Just PM me, unless you want to read for me first.

Ok, ill post your reading here within the next day.