Tarot Reading: 21 (need input)

I am trying to improve at reading tarot, so I decided to do a reading and would like input on anything anyone can think of that might help me get better at Tarot.

The QUESTION is : What does age 21 hold for me? (My birthday is coming up at the start of the new year!)

The layout is NOT past/present/future but is just a general 3 card spread. I also do NOT do reversed cards in my tarot spreads.

Eight of Pentacles: First impression was well that this card represented the more “material” side of life. Then the spider. Spiders to me symbolically are weavers of reality/fate/etc. So before looking into the ACTUAL cards meaning I feel personally that it has to do with bringing in/weaving together material gain in some manner.

Cards actual meaning : New beginnings (which I felt), craftsmanship (don’t know where they came up with that idea), and weaving.

Son of Cups: Cups to me are the more emotional side of life. When I look at the baby swan (or it might be a duck) it reminds me of the ugly duckling. So maybe about being myself - or something to do with my heart/creativity/emotions.

Cards actual meaning : Artistic, introspective, quiet (maybe even secretive).

Daughter of Swords: Swords means action, movement, etc to me. So might relate on how I can put my emotions into action to weave/materialize what I want in life (aka during 21). Owls to me are wise, patient, but quiet (and deadly to). So this feels like sometimes being patient and not rushing is the way to go. To be introspective and wait to act. Although not be stagnent. So balance.

Cards actual meaning: Observant, honest, insightful.

Any tips, or thoughts?


I want to make sure that I’m also understanding what the cards mean to. I was kinda lazy with reading about each card/etc. I like to learn as I move/improve.

Tarot is a good way to work out my intuition muscles too.

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The cards are beautiful. I wanted to comment so that when I shake this migraine I can come back to it and see what I get for ya.


I love this deck! It’s my first deck (had it for about a year) and I’m quite reluctant to get another.


Quick question are you 21 or turning 21?


Turning 21, litterly a few days after the new year :slight_smile:. Im quite happy about the placement of my bday. Right after Christmas!