Tarot Meditation - What are the uses - self growth or wish fulfilment?

i want to know about tarot meditation and its potential uses.
Does tarot meditation improve ur divination skills or is it just a tool for meditating and practising visualisation ?
How does it work
Esteemed members kindly give ur valuable thoughts on the practical uses of tarot meditation

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You can trough the A.E.Waite Deck initiate astrally by each traditional cards of the major arcana into each of the 22 sephirothic paths of whisdom.

Very powerfull stuff.

Example meditate with eyes open on the card around 10 minutes but more is bether. Call on the Angel in wich, each rules over a specific conected sephira besides its conected pathway. call on them ask that thou wants to initiate and master this specific pathway of archetypal arcana and whisdom.

Visualize with eyes closed that your astral body(looks just like you unless you have it somehow trough higher workings have it changed its apesrence and capacitys) is than somewhat guided by lightforces or how these angels manifests in your minds eye. Open with them the literal Card like a door pass trough and let the magic happen.

When the journey finds its natural end by oassing trough the other side. Come back.Give a lavender incense offering.Thank yourself and the beings and its done.

It can cause that you will not only be initiated in the spiritual world but trough tribulations on the mental and physical world also.Than the work is complete when all these extremetis are met.


thanks a lot for your reply
Sounds very profound
Any pther opinions from esteemed members about how tarot meditation helps.
Can it be used for wish fulfilment too ?

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also how effective is tarot for manifestation meditating on specific cards such as the magician the world etc/. any experiences to share from anyone ?