Tarot Lectures

I’ve decided to do a series on the Tarot. I was going to do these for the wealth group I’m in, but decided I might as well go ahead and post them here, so they’d be easier to find. Since the group revolves around wealth generation, wealth and agency will be the main theme.

These are the rough sketches for the longer lectures I have written out. I’m being pushed really hard to do a class where we do weekly lectures on the tarot. Something on a subscription basis. If anybody’s interested or has an idea on how I could run something like that, PM me. I’m thinking private youtube videos? I would probably just do like 10-20 minutes and then a follow-up where I answer questions.

Before I get started, I want to clarify that I will be using the OLD sequence for tarot suites, not the Golden Dawn sequence. Also, I’ll be using the OLD ideas in general. So I’m going with older writers.

So the OLD sequence–
Swords - Fire
Disks - Earth
Wands - Air
Cups - Water

The Sword is raw energy gripped and directed in a outward thrust of will.
The Disk represents an enclosure. A mould.
The Wand is the breath of life.
The Cup is the Manifest desire. (My cup overfloweth.)

So let’s put that toward wealth.
The Ten of Swords is Oppression. Raw, boundless energy that is being forced into an enclosure of form is under a state of oppression. It is no longer free to move as it wishes.
The Ten of Disks is Wealth. NOT Manifest wealth, but an enclosure in which wealth may be forged, from which it may emerge.
The Ten of Wands is Ruin - The death of the ideal form. The Big Bad Wolf blows down the house of sticks. The transition from Ideal to Real is the death of the Ideal.
The Ten of Cups is Satiety - That is, satisfaction of the desire which started the process. The thirst of the fire is quenched by the cup. Note the word is Satiety, NOT Ecstasy. The Rapture of the Dream cannot transfer into the manifest creation. There’s a saying in the recording industry, “You can’t beat the demo.” The rough idea expressed in the demo always has a quality that is missing from the finished track. You will never be intoxicated by your finished work as you were by the dream of it.


So here’s my rough, raw working idea for the lecture series - Something along the lines of private Youtube videos. I think Patreon does something like this. Those of you with more experience with this kind of thing, send me ideas!!!
I’d do a 10-20 minute lecture at the start of the week and then a follow-up Q&A where I answer questions and comments. I also think it would be really cool to showcase the designs for various cards that other people come up with. I’m really leaning toward doing audio with pictures instead of these long text walls you have to wade through.

The Emperor represents Aries and his work plays out in the first three Fire cards - Dominion, Virtue, and Completion. The theme here is carving out a space for yourself in the world. Striking out on your own, establishing a stage for you to work in.

This is the time of year when we first start thinking about the coming agricultural cycle. The Emperor is Establishment in the world. The Empress represents initiation in spiritual matters, and the Emperor represents establishment in material matters.

The First Emperor Card is the Two of Swords, which is two flaming swords striking against one another. One sword flies toward the viewer and the other flies away from the viewer to block the blow. The sword swinging towards us represents The World - our experience of a relentless exterior world that is always trying to direct our actions, to force us to react to its promptings and conform to its will. From the time we are very young, we find the external world is always trying to break us - to make us do what IT would have us do and be in full submission to it. From the TV show telling us to be on the couch next week at the same bat time, same bat place, to the schoolteacher aggressively demanding we be in our seat when the bell ring and answer when our name is called on the role. Over and over, relentlessly we are trained - I prompt YOU and you respond. Pay your bills, be polite, do what we expect of you, sit down, shut up.
The Opposing sword is the sword of the initiate, who strikes back against the world and beats back its blows by the directed force of will. It is important to understand that this card represents a battle of equals. This swordplay - the interplay between these two opposing swords - is the dance of the world.
The card is called Dominion, but it could be called Independence. One imagines swinging a sword and shouting, “This is MY space!!”

Why is the Aries card an Emperor and not a King? A King inherits his domain by right. An Emperor conquers it by force.
The noblemen of a given territory say, “One can only inherit a Kingdom by being or marrying the first-born son of one who is already King! That is the established tradition. It is the way things are done, we all must conform. Anyone else who has notions of rule and autonomy is shit out of luck.”
The would-be Emperor hears this and says, “Hold my goblet.”

The alternate symbol for this card is Dr. Amp’s golden shovel. I’ll leave you to Google that one yourself.

Not to detract from your lecture, but Gumroad is a great audio/visual service for lecturers and teachers.

You could record your lectures, offer the basics for a price, then direct your students to a Q&A webinar.

I don’t know if that is what you are looking for, I just woke up to my servitor telling me to pop back into this forum. I think it is somewhere along the right lines though