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so does ea koetting has some books that explain how to read and use tarot ?

You don’t really need a book. Just look up the meanings and some spreads. Start practicing.

Beginner tarot kits come with a book to help you out

He has a divination video course

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so in his books he does not adress tarot and divination? only in the course?

There’s loads of resources you can find online for learning tarot as well!

As far as I can remember,no, but divination course is more than enough to get you started

No, tarot and divination is not mentioned in his works. i have them all. Only scrying is mentioned.

Those piss weak little books that come with decks, throw those books away and do it with great force! Study the cards themselves. Why read what other people say that the cards mean? We’re lhp! Only after a lot of work getting your head connected with the cards themselves should you buy and read other peoples’ books. The Tarot by Alfred Douglas is a classic.

After sometime you might want to get a completely separate deck to use as talisman. Everyone uses Taro passively, but hardly anyone uses it actively. Why is that?


Personally I started the draws when I was young enough (even more than now), with a simple pack of 54 cards with which you play Solitaire. It worked ‘-’ I did the draw on my feel, each card inspired me different stuff, and with my imagination of noisy kid, I made draw on everything, without even asking me questions, it gave things interesting. But with a tarot (of Marseille, I presume?), It’s more complicated, especially if you don’t stop that on the 22 major arcana, and you take into account the 56 minor arcana, it gets harder :upside_down_face: It’s easy to put yourself in the place of a character like the popesse or the fool, but put yourself in the place of the 8 de baton :thinking: I always have trouble ‘-’
So yes, if you are really beginner and you want to make prints (very complete or with specificities), I advise you to learn about how to read the prints. I can do it if you wish, but it will be long to explain, if you prefer a book, I advise you: Tarot - Journey From Earth To The Stars and Tarot - The Earth Odyssey by Kevin Meunier. I have it in French, I do not know if it has been translated into English, but it’s really very well explain (the first on the major arcana, the second on minors).

When it comes to drawing cards it’s not a big deal. I personally use a simple method, that of cross draw:

From there, you draw the cards in the order indicated, it’s a little academic, but it still works. I will add another personal touch, I do not like to draw the cards after mixing / beating the cards, it gives me the impression to break the energies, I prefer to spread them on a table or on the tiled floor of the room bath (a problem with that?) and spread by sliding them. After I put my hand over each card and I see if a feeling of warmth comes to my hand, there, I know it’s the right one. It’s the chosen one. This technique is nice when you have 22 cards, but less when you have the 78 in front of you :upside_down_face:

I hope to have helped you :slight_smile: and sorry for my english !

His divination course is good to go. Uses various methods to lead you into the discovery of the current behind the various methods. The tarot approach he used, esp in regards to connecting with your cards, is solid and works very well. He covers it vaguely in a video on youtube as well.

this is about the most E.A talks about Tarot

There’s nothing wrong with using a book to help know the meanings when you start.

No different than how you learned your ABCs from one as a child.