Tarot for Adulting

Hey guys, I am requesting a Tarot (or your preferred divination method) reading for career stuff.
Currently doing apprentice plumbing. The opportunity to move up the ladder and make very decent money is in front of me.

But, familiarity breeds contempt. I dont find too much joy in daily work, kind of like when I was a cook. Trying to see if my distaste for the job is just lack of ambition, lack of affinity for the trade, or if its just not my style.

Money isn’t everything, but it’s definitely not a nothing. But in my position, can I even worry about whether or not I like something?

TL;DR- Plumbing is good money, especially if i complete an apprenticeship, even though im working overtime regularly on a terrible salary at the moment.
But is it naturally conducive to my own path? Would switching professions be preferable to fighting an uphill battle?

Active Taro

Taro cards represent energies. That’s it! Energies! It took me more fucking years than I care to divulge to work that out. Energies and their interplay! The passive (rhp) method is to use the cards merely as a divination tool, whereas a proper deck of cards for which you have a real affinity can easily be set aside and used exclusively as talisman: you choose and consecrate the energies you’re seeking. Set these consecrated cards aside in their own (100% natural fibre) bag until it’s time for a new set of cards and energies. Just make sure that you never use your talisman Taro cards for divination.