Tarot exercises

Does anyone know any good exercises for improving tarot readings? My readings keep coming out pretty vague and I’d like to improve before doing practice readings on anyone.


What spreads are you using? And are you bonding with the deck?


I use a standard three card spread and I’ve bonded with the deck by carrying it with me every day and slept with it under my pillow for a while.

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Are you asking vague questions? Sometimes decks are smart asses.


That might be it. I usually ask general questions like “how will today go” I’ll try more specific questions.

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Yes that would work. Also doing readings for others is amazing. I break all my decks in on the forum. But make sure you limit the readings.


I want to do some readings on the forum but I think I’m going to practice a bit more.

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One of the ways I get in tune with a deck. Is ask it questions I know the answers to. This why I know how they are giving with me. If I just can’t click with a deck I know it isn’t one that wants to work with me.


Hmm, I’ll try that. Thank you.

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If you ever need practice hit me up i can help you out. If they stay odd it might just mean you need to find a different deck.


sometimes it is easy to get in your own way when practicing readings; it’s almost like you have to approach it obliquely to connect more

  1. what I did was at the beginning of the day shuffle and pick a card; write it down; at the end of the day think about the day + the card & make list of what in your day was like the card

  2. shuffle mindlessly in a meditative state and wait till cards jump out - one, two, three, or sometimes a bunch. And there’s your reading. Ideally you have a specific idea in your head when the card jumps out (IE you were thinking about your job when the card jumped out) but even if not, it is still useful

  3. i personally have great trouble doing readings for myself. The bit about decks being smartasses is always true for me when I’m reading myself. I 100% think the best way to start is doing for others, even if you don’t tell them you’re doing it

if you notice you have a particular bias whenever you’re reading for yourself (IE you interpret everything as way too positive, way too negative, or too vague) it could be a sign you really can’t achieve the needed detachment/focus when reading for yourself


My readings are usually pretty vague although parts of them are occasionally right on the nose. It might be the detachment thing.

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try a evocation to the archetypes evoke the magician card and hear what he has to say

I don’t know how to evoke yet.

Are you doing predictive or therapeutical readings??
What tarot deck are you using??

I usually recommend rider waite based decks for therapeutical readings and marseillas based decks for predictive

Sometimes marseilles can give you like not enough for therapeutical

And rider as well an be harder for predictive

Mostly if you are new to tarot

I’m using my Rider Waite deck predictive readings. I’m not sure what a therapeutical reading entails. I do have another deck but I haven’t used it for any readings yet so I don’t have a comparison. I definitely consider myself to be newer to tarot.

Well in my opinion rider is best for therapeutical readings
Like giving advice for the present instead of predicting the future
If you want predictice readings like to know the future i would recommend marseilles
Anyway if you focus your questions for advice for the present you might get better resultswitha rider deck than trying to foresight the future

Like for example do not ask if you are going to get the jobask what should you do to obtain it for example

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That makes sense, I’m going to give it a try and see how it goes.

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The thing is marseilles just presents the situations as they are . Raw clean and simple as things are in a way

While rider tends to present an advice
In a way rider gives you way out even for the hardest cards within the same card there is an advice

So they are better for asking guide
While marselles is best for the future

Is marselles a specific deck?