Tarot during evocation - For those who can't see/hear spirits

Recently I’ve been using Tarot during evocation to communicate with the spirit. I just imagine whatever spread format would be most appropriate for my question, and then shuffle & draw after asking my question out loud. Nothing too complicated, between 1-3 cards most of the time.

I do this because I can’t see or hear spirits. I’ve been extremely surprised at how on-point my answers have been. I always like to include a ‘current-status’ card. What this means, is a card that represents my current relationship to the question/issue I’m discussing. I start with this card always to make sure my communication can be trusted. So far I have never disagreed with that card in my evocations.

I had one very clear success with Azazel recently, where I asked him to bring a particular piece of knowledge to me. It serendipitously fell on my lap two days later. This was after a couple of days of just chatting with Azazel and asking various questions through tarot. When you ask a question and get an answer that you vibe with/understand there is instantly a feeling of rapport between you and the spirit. I think this feeling of rapport is important to build before the spirit will act on the physical plane for you. People also make offerings to achieve the same goal. Offerings have not given me the same amount of rapport as communication via tarot has however.

Let me know how this method works for you. I really have no natural talent for divination, but once I started doing this I’ve been consistently surprised at how useful my readings have been.


I already tried it and it has been a total failure to me. Since i use pendulum and it works better for me. Maybe i have a better connexion with it than with cards :slight_smile:.


Very cool. Thanks for sharing!