Tarot Divination question

If I do a reading twice in a row on the same question a different pattern of cards is released with an entirely different meaning. How is that possible? Is only the first reading real? Am I disrespecting the divination by treating it this way?

You should never read on the same question twice in a row. By doing so, you are basically attempting to manipulate the cards to get the result you want. If you absolutely must read on the same question, wait a day or two between readings so the energies of the cards settle.


WIth all due respect, I read your post where you said magic didn’t work for you… so how do you know that’s correct?

With all due respect, that post was made many years ago. My magick works just fine these days lol

How do I know? Experience. Lots of experience.


Get good. You’ll get the same cards, or clarification but the same message. Don’t take the cards at face value, you listen to what they are saying to you.


I was thinking something similar, practice more or request help from a spirit to increase your divination skills.

I recommend Marnes, a genius for this and discernment as well. Discernment to know which questions to ask, discernment to know how to shuffle, draw read the cards in a manner that connects you to the essence of the question, without influencing the draw etc.

I have found for the last year and a half or so that if I doubt a reading, completely reshuffle and redraw I will almost always get at least two of the same cards, and the essence of the message will be the same, even if the rest of the cards are completely different.

This means I can actually confirm my own draws now, regardless of whether or not it’s for me, or I doubted the draw because I expected to see a different answer due to what I know about the persons situation.