Tarot confusion

I’m having a lot of confusion over tarot and over any type of cartomancy…

Firstly, as far as I know the cards have no power in themselves, it’s your higher self doing all the work, is that correct??

Why do I often hear that if you have some strong emotions or expectations you may influence the reading and get a false result? How can you influence your higher self? Isn’t it supposed to be infinitely more intelligent than your incarnated self??

Also I hear that you can’t just ask any question, that you must never ask “when” or “will” for example and I’ve noticed that it’s sort of true, that there are things that the tarot/higherself doesn’t seem to understand. But since the higherself is so intelligent once again how is it possible that it doesn’t understand?

For example sometimes I ask what does a person feel about me, and it’s a person or a spirit who doesn’t even know I exist. Yet the tarot/higherself answers, and now I can say by experience that the answer seems to be what WOULD the person feel toward me IF they knew me. But how come the HS doesn’t make such a simple distinction??

I mean, when I ask a question about my mom I don’t need to articulate her first and last name, it knows who I’m talking about! So, it doesn’t seem to be a matter of wording, it just seems to be about what you think. So why doesn’t it understand when you ask when, will, etc

This is basic but I can’t understand!


So, from my own experience, the “false answer” thing when you’re worked up comes through interpretation most of the time. If you’re worked up, you have a hard time relaxing and looking at the situation objectively. Its a case of talking over your higher self.

Also, in my experience, you can ask whatever you like, however you like. You just have to understand what kind of answer you will get in return. Most of the time (in my experience), divination of any kind returns an answer that acts more like a map than like directions, if that makes sense.


And yes, for the most part, your higher self is doing the work, but your higher self is also interfacing with the universe around it, and some of the answer usually comes from that as well


I generally invoke a certain Spirit when doing divinations so I would say it really depends. The definition I use for divination is “the acquisition of information through contact with supernatural entities”. I know it’s possible to do stuff without Spirits, but that’s just the definition I use for the word.

Yes, interpretation can be hard at times, though for me it does seem like the more intense the vision the more detailed it is as well. That seems to suggest that it’s a matter of ability. If I can get better visions, I will be able to get more detailed visions too.


@Anastasiya how does it interface with the universe? Doesn’t it have all the answers already?

@TheStorm but do you use some cartomancy at the same time as spirit? Because I only use cartomancy.


Are you the whole universe? If not, then your higher self must observe it and interact with it. And i ask because it’s a legitimate question, some people really do believe they are the universe. In that particular case, yes, their higher self already does have the answers. In the normal case, your higher self has a better chance of observing the situation correctly, and handing you the answers you need. Your higher self interacts with the universe just like you do, but without consciousness to get in the way of processing, if that makes sense


No, though I’ve heard of those who do.


@Anastasiya that means that if I ask a question about someone else my HS has to connect to this person??


@Lola The energetic connection is key. You are meant to entwine your energy with their’s preferably through some sort of image or photograph though just thinking of them/visualisation is meant to work as well. Just let the Spirit (your own or an external entity. Both do work) guide your hand. Once I actually had a bunch of True/False questions to answer about someone else with a prize if I got 8/10 correct, so I closed my eyes and let my Spirit (I don’t like the term HS) guide my hand, and got exactly 8/10 correct. That was what I was asking for, and that’s exactly what I got.


Depends. Objects can be infused with power, and some have a natural attunement to certain forces. I’ve heard of divination bones being engraved with sigils (maybe even anointed with your own blood) I suppose you could do that with cards as well.


@TheStorm the problem is that I’ve asked questions about someone I hate. I’ve had energetic cords cut with this person month ago, but if asking tarot questions about them creates a connection I assume I’m running the risk of regrowing the cord I got cut?

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Usually yes. But remember that your HS is not limited by distance, or even by exposure. This is how divination for others works, they ask the question, you connect with them and the question and spit out the right answer.

As for the question of the connection lingering beyond the immediate reading, that is what closing and banishing is for. After you have enough practice with breaking the connection that way, it will get easier to let it go without ceremony

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@Lola You are meant to form an energetic connection to someone before doing a divination. That’s how I do things at least. I don’t know much about Tarot, so I am not your definitive source. My divination skills are at the very least rudimentary, though I am working on it.


I have another suggestion. Keep the connection and use it to vampirize them. A permanent spiritual connection is meant to be rather good for sucking someone dry.


You all need to read The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot.

Basically, his theory is that divination works because anywhere you look within the universe (microcosm) you see the whole universe (macrocosm).

So, you can literally use anything for divination and judging by this list on Wikipedia, that’s been shown to be true.

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@ashtkerr and that would imply that the tools you use have no power in themselves

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@Lola: You may be right on the influencing the reading part. It is very common for people to “project” their expectations onto people, situations, etc to where their entire World View is “Out of Whack” with reality. For example… You say the person does not know anything about you…BUT… you have to connect to them to get any sort of reading… WHAT IF, the situation was reversed and the person is in fact VERY AWARE of your existence… down to some very personal details (I don’t know how… maybe they are very psychic or something?), and what said person Knows/Thinks/Feels/Is Aware of is completely different to what you are projecting at them?

Now of course we both cannot verify how said person would know you Psychically, Spiritually, or otherwise… but these along with many other unanswered things are something to take into consideration. One should be humble enough to accept what they do not know, even when they think they know enough details to form a sound logical conclusion… because some people can sometimes surprise people.

To answer your question more specifically in another way… when you know someone more intimately, especially when they are physically related to you (like the connection between a Mother and her Son), then there is a natural psychic connection. I got a reading from a few Ex-GF’s and their readings were very spot on, but thats because I was intimate with them before so the reading was way more accurate.

Some people can easily connect to others on a more intimate level even without ever having had physical interaction as they go Deeper in their spirituallity than most people. Some food for thought.


Tarot is a language of symbols, and symbols are the language of the subconscious. If you are emotionally charged on a conscious level then you can “lose something in translation.”

I honestly do not believe any source can definitively say what will be, higher self or otherwise. It is contradictory to the concept of free will, specifically, and magick in general. Even if an entity could it most likely will not, because of all the potential quantum conundrums that go along with the reveal. If what will be is already a certainty, than do you have any will at all? If what will happen is already a certainty than what is the point of practicing magick?

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Well if something “Will Be” and the question of Magick and Will come into play, something to consider is the fact that there are Things We Can Change vs Things We Cannot Change, and Magick facilitates those changes. In order to keep it realistic, we must come to terms with our illusions so we know what can be manipulated via magick. If for some reason your magick cannot do it, then of course it is up to you to either figure out a way to make it real (part of magick is using ones Creativity/Imagination) or just accept the fact at some point your own limits.


Taro cards represent energies.



Yes, exactly, depicted in symbolism.