Tarot Celtic Cross Left vs Right Past and Future

I noticed that different Celtic Cross configurations put the Past and Future at different positions, such as 4,5,6

According to what I see EA do in the Mastering Divination program, he puts the Past on the left (card #5) and Future at #6

I followed this (#5 for Past) when pulling the card and saying "The Past’
however, at the time of shuffling I was not sure in which position I would place the card

How much of a difference would this make for the reading/

For myself the cards are very different and to swap them would still possible fit, but completely change the direction of the reading

I am using Rider-Waite deck

Just follow EA’s version.

Agreed with Seeker If your learning from how E.A. does it follow that.

Where the card goes is preference really as you are the one assigning significance to its location in the spread. When you pick up the card your assigning where it belongs in correspondence to the spread, if you pick up the fifth card and acknowledge this card represents the past it’s irrelevant where you put it as long as you know it’s significance.

The shape of the spread is only useful for helping you keep track of what aspect the card represents.

what I meant was,
since I did not decide whether to place Past on the Left or the Right during the shuffle, and only decided when I drew the 5th Card
how “True” was that decision?

a subjective question but did I know what I would do before the shuffle?

if this leads to Fatalism I reject it

hmmmm. Well it appears that regardless of where the card was placed, your intention at the time of drawing was “Past” and if you spoke those words of power maybe that’s all that really matters…for that particular spread.

Now I’m certainly not saying to change it every time you read. But as a beginner myself, I’m finding that it’s the entire system as a whole that matters first and foremost. So for me sticking with doing the Celtic Spread one (1) way for now is best. I’m using EA’s version as I’m enrolled in the Divination course. I believe that sticking to one version of the Celtic Cross spread will actually speed up my learning. I’m trying to remember best I can now without “looking” what the cards are, know that #5 = PAST, #6 = future…that’s half the battle friend.

If you’re foggy on spreads, have a piece of paper in front of you, doodle the spread you’re about to use and label each card before you begin.

I have seen different spreads of the Celtic Cross as well and I think it may have some reason in how people can tell a story of the reading. If you want to do this to build a business you need to tell it like it is a journey and not just, tell what each card is saying. The cards will still read the same but if you want to have people come back to you often you need to make the reading really interesting and enjoyable for the client.

That’s my take on it, hope it helps…