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Hi all hope your all doing well. would like to know as a beginner how do you know witch tarot deck is best for you as there are so meny out there ?

I would say rider Waite. However a tarot deck is just a tool, it doesn’t really matter imo which one you start with.


I am trying to talk with my first bound spirits and want to know if they can here me and if they can teach me a magic path

Want some advice?


Yes plz any help you can give would help

Same because there are a LOT of websites out there using it and the meanings they give relate to and discuss the symbols, including colours used, on that deck. Thoth Tarot may be considered by some the more arcane deck, and is also a good choice.

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Sorry one moment I have my hands tied.

I’ll start with something and then go off of feedback.

Start out with study. To quote @AdamThoth “learning unlocks abilities you never knew you had and amplifies those that you’ve already developed”. Consistency is key. Meditate. Find what interests you and read all you can on it and attempt it. One moment.


I had a female djin bound to me and wanted to know if she can hear me and my wishes and teach me magik?

That simply is not true. Not all decks are created equally, and some decks are easier for beginners where others are made for experienced users or target collectors. Go with a Rider-Waite, it is the most consistent and easily used IMO, especially if you are just learning tarot.

Imo it’s a lot like saying “which ritual blade is best for a beginner?” It’s a tool. Not the quote but the idea itself.


As a relatively new tarot user ive got a couple decks one more traditional and one a bit more special when I went to the shop to buy a deck the guy said go through them all pull them all off the shelf and sit on the floor with them if you want see which one clicks with me the deck i clicked with is quite ostentatious but totally me I get similar results from both the thing I like about my new deck is its got nice graphics which i like as I can then interpret the picture and what its saying to me rather than its literal translation if that makes sense i think its totally an experienced users deck but hey whatever works right !

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@Novicebrett I mean if you really wanted to you could have a sigil drawn in blood on each card.

S. Connolly (probably spelt that wrong) actually had a deck with the demonic sigils on them as a deck.


@Aiden_Crow Exactly the sort of thing I was talking about. Thank you.

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I came across this deck called ‘Fallen Angels’ it’s really cool it’s basically cards of demons in the Ars Goetia but it’s bsaed on Astrology as well.

It depends on what your looking for I guess but this deck is good if your into demons.


If you are very intuitive and/or can already communicate with spirits in at least one clair (hearing, seeing, knowing etc) oracle cards can be very useful.

If you feel called to a certain pantheon or a culture you can find oracle cards for egyptian, celtic, loa etc. It can help you open up a channel or strengthen what you already have.

This was the deck i started with. The images looked 3D when i looked at them. They really spoke to me.

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A hammer is a tool. A hydrolic nail gun is also a tool. Do you think it would be best to learn the hammer first or jump right into the hydrolic nail gun and cause yourself unneeded complications? Yes, a tarot deck is a tool, but not all tools are made for beginners, just like tarot decks. I am simply trying to save him trouble and encourage him to build a solid foundation via the K.I.S.S. methodology; it is nothing personal.


Kiss methodology?

Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS)



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