Tarot Cards Question

I bought a Witches Tarot Cards deck so i can learn divination that came with a book that helps with reading the cards but i have some questions preferably for those adept at understanding tarot cards in general.
Beyond understanding the interpretation of the cards will they help with developing my psychic senses and if not is there any way i can develop them in conjunction with the cards?
This one has to do with occult knowledge in the cards
So far i’ve read a little about it in the book of wich the author (Ellen Dugan) alluded to and another blogger on my blog saying something very similar to her.My question is since i want a deeper understanding besides the superficial ones ascribed to the cards is do i have to know everything about occult knowledge to either give or receive insights about my life or others if i should decide to read for others?

No, but its always useful, in special the meanings of numbers 1 to 10. The more info you have, the more you can obtain.

Don’t even bother with the book. Spend time each night just gazing into the cards themselves and they will reveal their meanings. Books will restrict your readings.
And no, they will not open up your psychic senses. The best and easiest way to do that is to just have sessions with a spirits close to you, such as ancestors or ancestral deities.

Ok thank you both for your answers.The only thing i know about my ancestry is i’m part hispanic and part mexican so what should i do about that?Asking my family is not an option.


Wow thank you very much.To tell you the truth i was inspired to wrap a clean white cloth around my alter yesterday.I thought that was just me.Everything else that was in that thread was new to me.I may have some more questions after this after i read the full thread.Thank you Thank you Thank you