Tarot Card Readers: Recommended Past Life Reading Spread?

I’m sorry if this is something that’s already been asked, but I did try looking around in the forum, and most of the questions seem to be people asking for an actual reading rather than a preferred spread layout, so I’m going to give this a shot!

I’ve tried looking on Google and other places for good Past Life Reading spreads, but most seem to be rather convoluted (either way too many cards or too little). So I’m asking those of you who have experience with past life readings and are willing to share, what’s your recommended spread?

my favourite for that purpose has too many cards, all the cards in fact all 78 of them
But it works perfectly is radhue’s wheel
I think for a past life reading you really need the details
Also to be usefull in the present
I think you gain nothing to investigate in a past life issue if it has no connection to a present life situation
And in that aspect radhue’s wheel works perfectly


Ooo okay thank you so much! I don’t mind large spreads, so long as they have meaning. Radhue’s wheel sounds perfect!