Tarot card questions (advisory stupid questions within post)

Just curious what tarot decks people are using? Also have you ever used a mini tarot deck?

I’ve used a couple I forgot which they were but I haven’t looked back since I found the night standard sized sun tarot deck.

When I got it idly was almost like it was choosing me not me choosing it. Is that usually how it goes?

I just got the mini night sun deck from Amazon yesterday. It’s a much easier size for me to shuffle. I’m not quite feeling as connected to it but I do feel like it’s right for me.

Also I have questions about tarot cards for you to address for the sake of newbies:

some sources claim tarot cards have spirits in them or are haunted. Is that true or bs? Is that why a person connects with one deck not another or is it something else?

I totally don’t believe that about decks though
but I do wonder why I connect with 1 over another.

Asking for any newbies reading and out of curiosity because that’s what’s being said in various internet sources, some of which say don’t use tarot the spirit in it will possess you and try to kill you and take you to hell - which I think is the stupidest claim out there by the way.

So… curiosity…

What tarot do you use and how’d you choose it (or did it pick you)?


I wanted the classis Rider-Waite-Smith Deck, but I have the Nostradamus’ Lost Tarot Deck.

Sometimes the deck does choose you, it’s all about clicking with the energy of a specific deck. When it does, it’s possible you’ll be able to tap into your intuition a lot more with that deck because you’re already vibing with it in a way.

You can think of the cards as having spirits, or representing archetypes. They are not haunted, they’re for communication yes but so much more. You can use cards for manifestation, in magick, in rituals. I’ve read in a YouTube comment that they’re secret altars for a witch on the go!

You can meditate on a card, dive inside it to know more about it. This will enhace your reading too.

I have tiny hands, I’m good at shuffling playing cards but tarot was a bit difficult for me. The edges used to hurt, but now I’m used to it.

I’m gonna be honest here, I didn’t buy the decks. I practice in secret so there was no way I could go to my family out of the blue and say “hey I want a tarot deck, get me one, please?” without answering a ton of questions which I didn’t have the energy for. I looked for giveaways and got one, so I’m pretty sure my deck chose me.


@Onion I didn’t go to my family either. The standard deck was in the bookstore and I felt drawn to it (I was shopping by myself).

The mini I ordered online again by myself and got it at the door when I came home from work it wasn’t a postal delivery so again my family wasn’t involved and doesn’t know about my tarot doings. I like to get a read before going to work sometimes but I do that privately.


That’s good ^^

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Favorites: Rider Waite, Tarot of Ceremonial Magick, Golden Dawn, Magicians Tarot.
Currently only have Radiant Rider Waite, new but well used.

I personally don’t think it’s true. Tarot is an instrument to tap into your unconsciousness. Do any spirits possess your fork when you eat?
Although, just like any other object, a Tarot deck can be possessed after certain manipulations are performed.

Tarot is a symbolical divination system and different people can see the very same symbols in different ways. Some symbols speak to us louder. Some symbols don’t speak to us at all. So I think that when it comes to choosing a deck, we subconsciously tend to gravitate towards decks that are easier for us to interpret, to the decks with the imagery that speaks to us from the very beginning.

As for the decks I use, I own quite a few but my go-to decks are the Murder of Crows and the Universal tarot.