Target: Randi

well don’t tell me you never thought about it…
assemble a team, send the challenge to Amazing Randi, bring it down, and split the money (and fame)

We actually disscussed this in another topic. I actually have reason to believe Randi has alot of occult protection. Maybe not from his own as alot of the stuff he supports benefits the illuminati. Would be interesting to see if we could muster enough power to break through whatever is around him though.

There was this one guy who tried to send Focalor after him, while Focalor wasn’t able to take him down he did get cancer a year later but then made a full recovery shortly later. Focalor stated it would not be an easy task as he is “well protected”. The question is if that happened because of Focalor or if that was a coincidence. If it was because of Focalor, that would give us some idea of the degree of protection he has surrounding himself.

Lastly one thing to keep in mind is how expendible the illuminati sees him as being, if my theorie is right, they are the ones protecting him. If they think he is important enough and they think our group would have a decent shot at him, they may try sending attacks at the group. So yeah there’s alot to keep in mind here if your planning on doing that.

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Defectron: I don’t think he meant target like “take him out”, I think he meant take the Randi challenge and win the money.

Well this did get posted in the baneful majick section. Though you’ll have other issues if that is the case. If a doubter is watching you do it, it makes it signifigantly harder to pull off successful magic due to the observer determining reality. Besides I’m pretty sure Randi has no intention of giving up anything even if you do something as extreme as materialize a pink elephant in front of him.

I could have been mistaken - you’re right, it is in the baneful magick section.

And I also agree - I think his purpose is to obfuscate and deliberately suppress, rather than a genuine inquiry. I’ve actually heard skeptics use the existence of his prize as a counter-claim to supernatural phenomena.

I expect calling magicians delusional people to their faces would have stirred up at least some frowns, and there are some out there that’ll put you out for even lesser offences than this… I suppose he’s been targeted already, it’d make alot of sense.
Let’s say, okay Randy, your left eye is going to go rotten, turn completely white (or completely black), or, you won’t be able to mutter a word in a matter of weeks, unless you provide us with the prize, and denounce the stupidity of the allegations of your challenge. Yeah I posted it here because Baneful Magic is known to be one of the easiest and most effective ways to create powerful effects.

Ah. He’s speaking to claim the prize BY targeting Randi. An interesting twist!

An interesting idea, but I have a feeling all this will accomplish is stirring up trouble. If you don’t manage to muster enough power to get past his defenses, you’ll be wasting your time. If you do whoever is protecting him will probably try to take you out.

Good points.

So, how many people have died at your hand? Let me guess … how about you try magically killing ordinary people you know and reach a good success rate before trying something like this.

Damn, I know who is getting a new solid silver staff


Yeah UndeadGod, you’re right on the money… and it should be more and more about the money nowadays, as the economy sinks into crap.
Randi’s doing a good job exposing frauds, but he should be put face to face with the authentic also, it’s doing humanity a service. Imagine if spiritual science and magic became part of a normal curriculum in schools, just because everybody knows it’s true, and everybody knows how to use it.

African people have a saying:
If you want to go faster, go alone
If you want to go longer, go together.

Interesting comment on Imperialarts, why would you say so?

Why would I say he is a tool? Because he is.

And what prompted that outburst? It’s even funnier coming from someone who thinks that a quack like Michael Bertiaux has [i]anything]/i] to say about Haitian Vodou.

Poete Maudit, aside from you being a troll, you’re not too sharp now, are you?


[quote=“UndeadGod333, post:16, topic:740”]Poete Maudit, aside from you being a troll, you’re not to sharp now, are you?


Coming from someone who doesn’t know the difference between to and too, and has convinced himself that that French quack has anything meaningful to say somewhere in his hundreds of pages of nonsensical drivel that ranges from some babble about “Vodou” that has absolutely nothing in common with the religion practised by Haitians other than the name, to a manual on gay bathhouse sex cloaked in pseudo-philosophical language, I’d say that’s rather ironic.

One can’t. One couldn’t kill him by announcing it to the world any more than one could produce ‘supernatural’ phenomena for him under the eye of thousands upon thousands of witnesses whose minds, with their expectations of reality, are going to nullify the working by interfering with very force one has conjured and charged according to ones own will. That is the Law of the Magus in operation. Secrecy is every bit as important as detachment when the secret would be revealed to those who are not unattached.