Target practice

crazy woman, any banists let me know if you want a dart board to throw curses at, anything… cancer, insta-death… whatever, gonna crack open Marbas sigil now she deserves to suffer and death… literally whatever, pm for deets if you need target practice… she’s literally begging for it


Sounds fun I’m in a pissed off mood so send me the details.


I’m a bit rusty; however, I’m always in the mood to throw some baneful magick.

I need to kindle my abilities further, this should prove useful for that. I’m in, pm me the info please.

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I will send you the target my friend, will basically send you the message I sent @C.Kendall

Damn I can’t get it, need a reply haha will send deets now

me too. if anyone need target for practice. I want throw curses to this women or give her cancer or terrible pain or insta-death. a hypocrite women that backstabbing me and pretending as a pure and innocent women. ckck… pm me for info …thanks :slight_smile:


just be sure she isn’t a sorceress

Hate to hijack the thread, @Oldways but I got some deserving targets that are defenseless in the magick sense

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