Target of baneful magick distancing himself

The target of my curse is trying to avoid me at all costs. Could this be a sign that my curse is working? Also I’m having mixed feelings about this guy, sometimes I feel deep anger towards him and other times I don’t feel anything.
I have a suspicion that he is a magician too and sometimes I feel that maybe he did some kind of lust or love spell to me.
What are the most common behaviors of baneful magick targets?
Can anyone tell me some experiences about this matter?



Do you still love him or want to be with him or want him to contact you? If so, then why curse him?

If not, and no feelings are there, what does it matter if he’s distant? I curse with the full intention of causing pain and destruction.

If they distance themselves from me, good. The less contact the better, keep that negative energy and mess over there and away from me. Whenever I do any negative work, i don’t usually look for signs, I just do the work and move on. I’ll notice the target looking different, sick, smoking or drinking more, acting out, losing jobs, money etc. That’s what I notice, it may not be what others see.


It would depend on the Demon used and what I requested really.

Most commonly, they feel something is wrong, get bad luck and get nightmares in the early stages of a general curse.

My last curse was about a year ago and as I used a Demonic King, the results were not subtle

What curse did you place on him and for what result?.

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when your curse is successful but the target is also a witch then he will try to avoid you as much as possible. try to routinely make protection as well as binding magic so that the target doesn’t escape

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I asked to king Belial to curse him. I can’t tell details about the curse because of an agreement I made in my working.

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This seems to be what is happening exactly! I cursed this guy because he sexually harassed me on the past and I couldn’t do anything about it because he is the headmaster of the university and nobody would believe me if I had accused him.
I suffered a lot last year and had a severe illness that almost got me killed during surgery because of his constant bullying against me.
So now I petitioned King Belial to curse him and weird things are happening in his life it seems.

Him magic started working and him got karma … congrats

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I adore King Belial. I am sure he is protecting you by what you said . I understand completely your privacy, no problem I think you are on track for sure!

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