Target is Muslim and prays against magic

Question. If a target is Muslim and prays at 3-4am everyday and has some kind of spiritual protection because of it.

Doesn’t this negate my spells which I do at 3-4am when the target is supposed to be asleep??

it’s difficult to know when they are sleeping. Or will the spirit work on them when they set of to sleep

Consult the tarot deck to see what kind of protection they have & do spells after 3-4AM when they’re sleeping.

Make sure you have a lot of protection first.

No, his “spiritual protection” are archonic via Allah, the false God.

The wisest thing to do is to stop attacking your target unless he is actively harming or damaging you and your quality of life. Even then it’s wiser to employ other methods that are more protective / defensive, rather than going on the offense. Heal yourself too - archons feed off trauma and pain, fear, misery, suffering, etc. So heal your traumas, clear up your misery and fears, boost your confidence and self esteem, etc. I also strongly suggest working on your programming / conditioning as archons and people will control you through that. You need to control your own mental programming.

You come across as someone who doesn’t understand your innate power. But you need to use wisdom with it.

Azazel and Lucifer can help you learn how to fight your battles more wisely, and this will serve you well.


First of all @InfernalUnicorn is completely right.
And I still think you need to cool down, after all the trouble you caused for yourself.
Second, as an answer to your question- and I am wishing with all my heart for this to be a hypothetical one, in Islamic tradition, the call to prayer, which is 5 times a day banishes what may lurk around. The prayer itself contains words of protection. Also there’s the ablution, which is washing certain body parts as a ritual, again done before a prayer. It acts as some kind of banishing, as much as cleansing.
Apart from that, in Islam, praying to god, or reciting Koran at night is recommended for its protective power and also becoming closer to god.

Yes, but it’s false. Allah is another aspect of the oppressive universal force that Jehovah is also an aspect of. They are not God. Lucifer’s words to me on the topic were, “they are not gods, they are merely archons”. The true God is basically Source. Not these archons. They are as dead as a dodo, they do not represent life. They are in the business of inducing spiritual death.

And if you attack someone with archonic protection, you are in for a brutal ride.

No way to get rid of this Muslim’s protection.

Be wise. Leave the guy alone. The Infernal Gatekeepers and Lucifer can protect you where needed, but you need to work on yourself.


It’s not about what we know or believe. The target believes she is protected because of her devotion, therefore all the energy works for her to protect her. Think about this that way. If I believe a spoon will protect me against spiritual attacks long and hard enough and charge it with with that energy it definitely will.
A standard prayer in Islam starts with “Protect me from magic, evil eye, bad influences, evil people, and wrong path…”
When you do this with all your heart in all your life, it creates a barrier that really protects you.
And don’t forget Allah is a godform. There are billions of people charging the same energy.


Yes I’m aware of that. But I’m simply letting the OP know about what this Muslim believes in (among other things). The Muslim is not believing in their own Source. Instead it’s Allah. Therefore they are praying to a false God, who provides the protection and is brutal against those who work against them.

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Ok I was thinking more about the collective consciousness of a belief system.
But you have a point, though I can not confirm or deny about the falsehood. As it is more ingrained in me.
So I think we’re looking at the same coin but to the different sides. :wink:

Yeah. I agree that’s probably the case. But I’m speaking from actual experience and the gnosis I gained from it.

So if the OP has any love for himself, he will simply wise up and focus on what is truly best for himself instead of kowtowing to his ego. :blush: :gem:

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Okay so my best friend is muslim and often plays the quran, every morning, afternoon, evening and night. Why am i telling you this ? Well for one i actually lived with him for over a year and he was fine with me turning the spare room into a ritual area as i paid him, he would consistently however play the Quran.

I performed successful evocations, invocations, soul travels, channelings, possessions and a wide range of rituals in that house. One day when his buisness was struggling i did magick on him specifically to make him more ‘successful’ and then separately did magick on his business and it was a astounding success. So much in fact once the business was thriving he sold it for a very large sum of money.

Now why am i stating this because these type of so called “protections” or “prayers” and things of this nature did not change a damn thing. No offence to other but those that believe there are beings who seek to “bind” our magick or even “limit” our magick, or even further “oppress those who practice magick” spiritually. Often seem to use this as an excuse for their failings, i personally have been booked by magicians in the past who are adamant that they couldn’t “pierce the Islamic protections” or “the power of the holy spirit battles their magick” or “the evil eye reverses all that i have sent after them”.

After they book me and eventuality the outcome of success is achieved, immediately i’m told

“Wow you must be a very powerful sorcerer, or you must have cracked the code for getting around those sort of things, either way whats your secret”.

I reply the same way all the time.

“Its easy you believe the prayers, the crucifix above their bed, or the evil eye in their home, the church, the holy spirit, the recitations of scriptures are all layers of protection you need to penetrate. You affirm to yourself your magick failed due to external extenuating circumstances which were not your fault. Instead of admitting this as not being the case and try again, with a different method. I don’t give excuses nor cop-outs i don’t see or create blockages that aren’t there, ergo i succeeded”.

I have effected with my own magick, magician’s, athiests, christians, muslims and all sorts of people and whilst some of the magickally inclined ones are more of a challenge due to actual knowledge and skills in magick, i succeeded.

This in no shape or form, bragging nor boasting about “look how mighty and powerful i am” because that’s a load of narcissistic bollocks, fueled by overcompensation and a inflated sense of ego.

Also magick can affect people be they asleep or awake, i have conducted experiments myself which at the time, seemed to support the notion that others are more receptive to the magick whilst their asleep. Although in recent years i must admit, I’ve had the exact same success rate with waking targets too, so one can argue it does or doesn’t make a difference.


That cool story would make more sense if it was baneful magick, instead of giving success, which he may not uncounciously register as bad. Moot point.

So you got consent.
I’m not opposing to anything you say here, just trying to understand.I think what you say is true, and it should not matter.
But what we are dealing with here is a target that wants nothing to do with what is going on. And a person just dabbling with magic without knowing what he’s really doing, playing with fire.
As I look through his journey, he might have done many things that work against him, and as he sees her religion as a problem, It might as well be.
Muslims believe in magic, very much so. And it is a big sin and something that should be feared of.
Correct me if I’m wrong but people have the power/will to cast spells/manifest things without knowing anything, even that they are doing. So why wouldn’t her fear and belief in protection by praying to a higher power in fact protect her? The key is her belief stems from an organised religion with strict rules that define all aspects of her life.
I’m not saying the God is protecting her, I am saying maybe she protects herself through her belief.

My mom did long hours of prayers and Muslim protection stuff called “Amal” for me thinking I was protected, yet the curse of my ex to keep me unloved and lonely for the rest of my life after I left him worked pretty well!


No i didnt get consent to use magick on him or his buisness, nor any of the other target’s at all.


For my friend it was benevolent, yet thats not necessarily how magick works if it can affect someone positively it can affect them negatively too. Regardless of intention, plus the others who were religious i mentioned were banefully affected.


I’m with @C.Kendall here all the way.

It should not matter at all. Know your power and stand in it. Stop giving it away because you think someone praying or being awake is going to hinder your results. You’re limiting yourself here just as you’ve been with some of the other posts you’ve made. Know how powerful you are, do some ceremonial style magick if that helps you remove your fear. I know when I’ve done ceremonial-style rituals there’s an awesome shift. Go feel your power. Stop blaming failures or potential failures on what religion someone is, on whether they pray, on whether they’re asleep, on whether a spirit didn’t help you.

No. You do magick because you know you can and you know what you’re capable of. People who’ve been and are successful bring to the table power and knowledge that magick fucking works because we’re behind it and we’re powerful. Don’t cheat yourself out of results because you’re target prays at night.

(Disclaimer: The only magick I do related to whether someone is asleep or awake is healing because I’d rather do healing magick when the object is alseep. I know it can feel weird and I don’t want someone driving their motorcycle and then getting weird pointy distracting tingles on their leg.)


Words to live by! This is advice is gold!

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@C.Kendall is is probably the best and most uplifting advice I’ve heard man. I’ve always believed it’s subconscious doubts creating problems and that someone’s prayers don’t matter, especially Muslims because if you think about it. For a religion that actively pray against jinn and magic… it seem to be like a disease that plagues them in their cultures. Very rampant. So I agree with you one hundred percent and it’s cleared a lot of doubts out my head and made me see the true potential within myself again.

As for

This has to be so pessimistic it made me laugh. How can one say because their Muslim leave them alone it’s not safe?? your a magician for crying out loud no?

If we all thought like this then there’s no point practicing at all. Now I’m not saying this to be funny but if Muslims are truly protected then they shouldn’t have the highest cases of black magic and jinn possessions.

I come from a Muslim background so it’s not that I don’t know what I’m dealing with. I know fully how Muslims operate and how they pray so I know their belief in an external protection can indeed protect them.

Also yes I may have shot my self in the foot in the past by doubting my spells but I feel like that’s all mental. Im my own blockage many times but not @C.Kendall said what he said it put a lot of things in to perspective!


There’s a difference between praying to pray and praying because you believe in every word you say and infuse it with your intentions and power. The first isn’t going to get most people anywhere, the second is pretty akin to magick. So it’s possible some people who merely pray do in fact have quite a bit of protection, but don’t let that stop you from working your magick. Excuses don’t line up well with powerful magick from powerful people. (If this is that girl though… fuck… please take a breather man and handle your other situation first.)


This is that girl haha, I don’t think I’ve said she’s Muslim before so I thought I needed some clarity but now I’m far more laid back after seeing what people have said. Detachment is key and allowing the magic to work. I agree.

It was the unknown that was messing up my mindset but now I’ve seen that true power can’t be triumphed by anyone if your belief is stronger, I have no doubt she’s coming back and I can stop obsessing.

And yes she prays but your right she could say all the words she wants but if her believe withers and she still fears magical attacks then she can still succumb to dantalions grips :grin:

My issue was not believing in myself.

So now I’m gonna cleanse… banish any energies in my home. Ground myself. And then attack the situation strategically.

Off to buy some Palo Santo :blush: