Tapping into inherited magick?

So maybe i should start first by telling you guys, like EA i come from a family of witches. My grandmother is one, and her grandmother before that. They are all gifted in healing and every other aspect of magick. So as i child i always made things happend the way i want them to without any effort. I’ve made storms appear to get out of P.E. And even used magick to heal myself and boost my immune system to a godlike level. I know that this may sound unbelievable to hear and it is. You may be wondering what kind of problem do i even have in terms of magick? Well…the thing is, my magick is really hard to tap into. Even sometimes i think i dont have any control over it at all. The only thing i’ve learnt is clairvoyance and energy sensitivity, whitch helps me in charging the sigils. But the others more important uses of magick are out of my reach. If anyone has ever struggled with this kind of problem before and made it through please pm me or share in the comments any tips or advise on how i can bypass this.
Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Actually sounds quite normal to me. A lot of magicians use extreme emotions to propel things. I imagine situations would work this way as well.

Assuming lust for results is not the issue… something needing to happen in an emergency may very well be easier to manifest because of the state of mind. Mmm gusss I’m likening it to adrenaline.

I’m sure there are many theory’s, but my thought is most of us start out kinda weak. Many people seem to only summon help rather than directly manipulating a situation with their own enrgy.

Seems like if you do thst with drastic results, without help … sometimes, perhaps energy work is the way to go. strenghten yourself. Learn how to draw it in, send it out and mostly… how to control it.