Taoist Weather Magick


I think if you work along side more taoist weather magick maestros, you can achieve big results


Thats a good idea.


Thank you for your reply, yeah this covers a basic outline for me. So Sunstones can help the practitioner to change the heat of one’s body only or even his surroundings? Thanks again for sharing these lessons with us ~


I’ve run into some strange synchronicity recently. I was contemplating how to trim the fat in the ceremonial magic I learned and give every action more power and meaning. I figured I should consecrate simple chants and pair them with hand signs and sigils.

The author of the book you mentioned in this thread has another book on incantations, hand seals, and star steeping. It was basically an instruction manual to manifest the path already in my head.

I’m going to immerse myself in the material and see where it leads me.


Nice, maybe it will be a new break through for you.