Tantric Sorcery?

I can’t really find much on the subject of Hindu Tantric Sorcery and almost nothing on Buddhist Tantric Sorcery. I’ve read Abichara and the Thai Occult which are both fascinating books, but I would love to know more about Buddhist and Hindu Sorcery. Any reccomendations on where to find the information?


In my experience it’s better to just go for the source and gain experience with the currents deities yourself.

All the books and stuff on it are full of predators and traps trying to screw over people who dont know what they’re doing. Just because everyones going on about peace and happiness at the surface doesn’t mean thats what the current entails.

Buddhist magic is basically the path to being aware of yourself and after a certain point you’ll gain more from it going individually anyways.

As for decent books on the subject, Tantraloka is one.

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