Tantra, and apt description:

Some more interesting descriptors that I discovered during some research: the-temple-of-sets-cosmology-compared-to-sanskrit-cosmology-in-tibetan
"In Sanskrit, the Bindu refers to the energy of the Bindi, the exoteric symbol is a seed. In Tibetan Buddhism, it is pronounced “Thig-le”. During the Tantric operation, the seed is visualized entering through the appropriated chakra, during an “empowerment”. Exoterically, it is a small imaginary seed, esoterically, it is an energetic transmission of the deity, through the guru. In the Temple of Set, the energy need not come from any guru, or living master, however, the magician must be able to demonstrate successfully the empowerment. Basically, it is the moments in ritual, in which the energetic consciousness of the body switches to the awareness of Self as deity, empowered. In the Temple of Set, this is a type of consciousness that separates the individual from the outside, objective world. In Tantra, it is an operation of merging with the energy of the deity, this too, is a type of separation form the normal stream of sentient consciousness, though still sentient, the seed of divine consciousness is invited to grow from within, which, in turn empowers the individual. In both operations, an energetic switch of consciousness occurs, which re-enforces the individual consciousness in order that it may be elevated to a higher one. In that regard, it is the seed of Self-ordering…"

“There are two wolves at your door. Which one consumes you? The one that you feed.” Advice begotten while at a Tibetan Monestery