Talking with Lilith

Hey all! Hope everyone is having a good day/night depending where you are at. I have this strange thing that happened to me last night. So I have been working with Asmodeus and just recently started evocating Dantalion and asked him to give me a sign if he had accepted my petition and what he wanted as an offering. I put his sigil under my pillow but did not have a dream or anything. The next day I took a nap and had a dream but I cant remember it (I did mention to him that he can communicate through a dream and if it was through a dream to help me remember it) Anyways I tried really hard to remember but never remembered. Later that night I felt like giving up and just let my target move on…When I was asleep I clearly heard “Its me Lilith” (I have never worked with her) and I just started talking about my situation (I was half asleep and it was all being said in my mind) I had a very open conversation with her but don’t remember the ending of it. Anybody has any feedback on this? What it might mean?


Well could Dantalion give the task to someone else? Or does he think you have to love, work on yourself first? Just giving possible options. Lilith is for Lust, love, self love. She is motherly, caring, sexy and very attractive.

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Yea thats what im fpcusing on now and it used to be an obsession with the target that know i feel i have to work on me…

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I had a very similar experience when working with Asmodeus. He often recommends Lilith and the two work together brilliantly.