Talking to the legendary trader - WD Gann. Is it possible? A call to the trading community on BALG

WD Gann was a legendary trader who used astrology to trade commodity with laser-sharp precision. He is a legend in trading community. But he passed away without revealing his system or workings to anyone.

You can read more on him below:

I have tried many times to decode his system but never succeeded.

My question is that 'Is it possible to talk to him and get to know his system?'

If it is possible, can all the interested trades on this forum come together and hire a ‘Ritual for hire’ to do this so that we all can share the knowledge and benefits together?

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Can’t you just get into the spirit of it and work together to independently evoke him and compare notes?

Mages for hire are not infallible. :man_shrugging:


Thank you for the response :blush: Big fan.

Makes sense. If anyone is interested, let’s start a group.