Talking to a succubus

A succubus isn’t going to have their mouth wrapped around your willy 24/7 nonstop, it could simply be lingering energy or a parasite, if it’s lingering energy than that’s almost like having sex and not showering or in this case cleansing.


What the different? beside ain’t Lilith suppose to ward off benevolent succubus, or spirits?

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Lilith loves all her daughters and I doubt she limits their free will, if she had to choose I would assume she’d choose her daughters over a random guy in another world. However, it’s just my opinion in this case.


No that’s not how it works I’m afraid.
You should learn how to do this yourself.


lol right, and you u right I could banish that spirit, I just thought by having Lilith sigils in the house it ward off bad spirits, or evil energies, and parasites? Considering that some say Lilith is the queen of succubi, and mother of demons.

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I see

Are you aware of the gravity of this situation?

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This is your life, take it back.

I am

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you right I’m planning on doing just that

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Don’t put all your trust into Lilith like that, or anything. You need to do as much as you can do and not depend on them for everything.


And while they might work well for others they might not work well for you. They all have different standards for people they view favorably.

Even if they view you favorably they might still give you harsh truths and except you get out of messes that you create, Enki is huge into that.


Well I don’t have to worry about gods/ or any male entries that cause I don’t work with them, I mostly work with goddess, and female entries. What about Christian and the Christian god? don’t their god do everything for them, for which is why Christian is the strongest faith in the whole world?

she’s not the mother of demons as a whole, she’s one of the mothers of succubus/incubus demons which is not saying much given there exist many kinds of demons.

Not every demon is Lilith’s and not every entity fears or cares who Lilith is.


massive facepalm
No. Actually christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world.

Serving a spirit or working with them can give you some sort of protection, but they won’t throw out Get-out-of-jail-for-free-cards at everyone who hangs their sigil in their hallway.

That’s not how it works.


I mean just having any sigil pretty much doesn’t do anything…

There’s only a couple of more complicated seals that even claim to be activated just by having them…


I will write you a pm so you can keep me updated on this.

Its actually heart warming to see how helpful so many people want to be despite the repetition. :black_heart: So much great advice and feedback!


Really? I thought Lilith were the big bad, which is why Lucifuer marry her,


Honestly, I don’t see a sigil, without being activated for a purpose doing much for anyone. Sometimes people will say the energy when left open can have effects, but not usually positive ones, and if you didn’t call upon Lilith and ask that she empower that sigil to banish and protect you and confirm that she was going to, I don’t see how it would.

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