Talking about the symbols I use

I’m not sure where to put this but i want to talk about it

Screenshot (13209)

this is a human to god transformation

the figure on the right is a person upside down with the 4 rings around them
the one on the right is the same thing just with a different layout

(>|< = above <+>= around <.>= below)

it doesn’t mean heaven and hell but its the way power is transferred and in my world if you have enough power you can reform the planet

and then here
you can see how the threads of energy reach away from the threads of below but they are still connected by a line where power goes through them

and now for the rings : )
as Vishin from mind valley said there are four levels of consciousnesses and i got inspired by the way it looks

the first level is just most people
the second is trying to change and as you move up them you wake up to above vice versa
the middle one is just just the land

if you go past the ring you die.

In the story there’s a whole thing where there’s a cult of below and they got trapped in place by the orb which is a connector to below.
Since they can’t leave and they can’t get power from above because they’ve cut off the connecting line just above the physical plane they instead trap people to get power from above to make them more powerful so they can move and continue to reform the universe.
which some people don’t want happening obviously