Talk about Serendipity!

I’ve been participating in these posts, and thinking about my origins when–

One of my fellow original coveners (you gotta remember, these people are from 30 years ago!) contacts me, because they want to make sure the tradition continues since there are few of us original folks left! I laughed on the phone (after my fear that someone had died had subsided).

I have a smartass question for you.

How exactly will you ensure the tradition continues?

[quote=“Rahnoren, post:2, topic:9607”]I have a smartass question for you.

How exactly will you ensure the tradition continues?[/quote]

That, Rahnoren, is an excellent smartass question. It is one that I did not pose to my coven brother (is that what people are called nowadays–gods I feel so old) when I spoke with him on the phone. I was to excited with, “Oh my god!” Yes, said with a valley girl lilt. “I was just answering these posts on this really cool forum I’m on and it was, like, talking about my childhood and stuff, and then you called!” (Of course, when I first saw his name on the ID, my thought was, ‘Oh shit, someone’s dead.’ Luckily, that wasn’t it.)

So, I texted him the question, and smartasses seem to abound about me these days, because his response, oh dear Rahnoren was–

“You’re a witch. Wave your magic wand and make some students appear.”

(We are old, and do not tend to use text speak. The fact that one can text at all is pretty amazing to us who walked with the dinos). I searched on my phone for an emoticon that resembled punching one in the head, but I couldn’t find one, so had to settle for an eyeroll.

Then, after I got over being annoyed, I started to get mad. For the past five years, I’ve been thoroughly immersed in the Norse current. I had this fan-freaking-tastic experience at the beginning of my Norse journey where Loki came to me, physically manifested, and almost everything I saw (I was denying the Norse calling). After that, I jumped in with both feet. I read everything I could. I made a fool of myself thinking that Asatru and Norse magic where the same thing and contacted my local folk builder. I had an existential dialogues with Loki and Sigunn about their place in the cosmos, in the mythos, in my life. I had visions and heard voices and made love and magic and started to feel like I was getting a clue!

Now…this happens. Thank you. Thank you very much, Rahnoren. :Where’s the emoticon for punching someone in the head?: Now I have a whole lot of soul searching to do.



So many half-baked and uneducated people, in youth’s turmoil of ego and the desire to hide it, but your maturity shines through in everything you post (if you don’t mind me making that observation!).

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Goodness, Lady Eva, I certainly hope so. I entered the dreaded middle age last year–I would hope that after that amount of time I would have gained some maturity. :smiley:

On an interesting note–I waved my magic wand and I got a student today!!!


Oh middle aged. Ditto.

Keep at it Audsynn. Good luck with your student.

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