Talismans/seals/hexes and shit, but: ON STICKERS

I saw it dozens of times in anime, and as i read that cabal grimoire recently,
i thought again about: buying a stash of sticky notes -> consecrating (somehow) of the whole stash, and write some sigils on one block -with a drop of blood on every single sheet,

The prepared one would be carried around all time, along with a consecrated but blank block, a marker, something to draw blood with, needle and string, and blank un-consecrated pages.


Any idea how to start this? :sweat_smile:

EDIT: Alternatives would be, so sit for a damn hour, and to cut out preprinted sigils.
So in case of use, they would be allready consecrated, but would only need some yummy red stuff and to draw arcoss the lines before doing anything.


This is not a new thing, actually, and I think it is a damn good idea. All over America you find people’s chaos sigils scribbled in various places, from rest stop bathrooms to counter tops. Many of them are mistaken for hobo code symbols or graffiti and nobody really thinks anything of them beyond that. Why would stickers on a sigil be any different in terms of effect?

If anything it could make them stronger, because you have the leisure of creating and empowering them at your leisure. Imagine the potential certain sigils could have by being charged by passers by of a certain mindset, perhaps a church, school, nightclub, etc. It could be some real fire.


i didn’t claimed it -And to be more specific:

I didn’t mean anything by that. I was actually more reflecting on the topic. I had not thought of it since I was using a public stall at age 15 or 16 on the Highway I-90 rest stop just over the New York border. When you brought the topic up it flooded a bunch of disregarded memories and that one popped into my head. It was no doubt a personal chaos sigil, but I couldn’t even begin to guess what for, as at that age I would not have picked up anything from it. Memory lane, lol, sorry.

What anime series, btw?:

Oh I really think so too. Even simple graffiti has a subtle effect on those who view it, and thus the area around it. Maybe that could be your experiment. Sigilize an area of the woods and see if people stop interrupting you, lol. I bet it could work.

And honestly, what are advertising logos but corporate sigils? I don’t know. Now I want to experiment.

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Anything you can share on that? Been meaning to try and get my hands on one of them but eh resource difficulties that are long term issue make it hard.

The prepared one would be carried around all time, along with a consecrated but blank block, a marker, something to draw blood with, needle and string, and blank un-consecrated pages.

Now I find for myself you don’t even need to specially consecrate the sticky notes. That is automatically done when you charge the sigil. I do have a special pen that I found at a crossroads put there by some spirits that I use for all my sigils and magical writing. You can make your own easily just infuse a normal pen or marker with energy and will towards all its writing being dedicated to magick. You can use blood if you want it depends how thick your skin is and how fast you clot. With me I need to use an actual knife as I need is not going to do the job right but I only use blood for when I need one hell of a boost or for things like necromancy and blood based desires.

Generally just having the notes on you and the pen and being well versed in your preferred sigil method and charging is sufficient I find. Make it when you need then slap it on a wall. Carrying chalk with you is also very useful and a small knife for harvesting materials depending on where you go. For me since I go into parks and forests a lot a knife to harvest bark or chunks of wood to carve is very useful for me to have.

For my sigils I prefer using runes at least to augment any normal technique with their archetype powers.

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two ways:

  1. step: open google
  2. step: search “somnus dreadwood”
  3. done


  1. step: type in “amazon.com
  2. step: search for “somnus dreadwood”
  3. done

Well thing is I have tried that. I can get preview pages. Right now I am rather strapped for cash so knowing if it is worth it or not first or specific tidbits helps. Money is one of those things for me that is just never goes well when compared to everything else. It has to do with town and family situation really I have pretty much zero money for anything outside bare essentials and most of my books are hand me downs I got in exchange for something else I could provide or ones I could get for free on kindle or just because they are so old. I think my best bet is just to try learning the spirits and calling them to teach me what is in the books.

Magickal graffiti? I’ve been doing something like that in some form for years! Especially chaos magick like the Ellis sigil (LS Sigil).


You are cool!

See guys?? …This one is cool!

I like your style :3