Talismanic magick

Some versions says that we should wrapp the talisman in an appropriate colored Silk to carry It All The time. In other versions the talisman should be worn as a Lamen. Which Of those approaches may be The best.
Also here is another question. Is it necessary to.call forth The power Of the element in order to manifest events powered by a macrocosmic forces ? Such as the planets


Both. They work perfect.

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What about the second question

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yes is the answer to your second question. ( mostly)

I suggest you to read How to make and Use Talismans By Israel Regardie

there you will find more detailed answers to your questions.

Good luck :+1:

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I WOULD LIKE TO MENTION THAT I ALREAY READ the book of Regardie… and guess what when he talked about saturn talisman he didn’t highlight any cérémonial evocation of the element concerned of the influence desired.
So am i really in obligation to evoke fire in the evoking ritual of pentagram before evoking Mars for exemple during charging the talisman. Please notice How precise my question is

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Sorry I didn’t know that you have read Regardie’s book.

As you have read that book, you should have seen that too.

“How much energy is involved depends entirely on the skill and
development of the student. If he has the ‘know-how’ the
talisman can be charged or consecrated all the way through the
process of drawing it.”

Mars is the easiest energy to contact, followed closely by the Moon energy, and then Venus energy So it depends on you. could be useful for a beginner, however, I have no idea who you are and whether you are a beginner or not. So again as Regardie pointed out it depends on you

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Regardie told us the basis, and i know that perhpas for developping the know how we should perhaps starting to wonder how we can increase the involvement of the proper energy through the proper ceremony through the proper object. But there are a lot of détails so this detail is for me worthed

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