Talisman Question

Do talismans need to be made in metal or can I just draw them myself? I can’t really afford all the diffrent metals now.

Metal appropriate to the spirit holds a charge better, but paper works just fine. (You will have to charge or feed it on a more regular basis)

I would draw it in the color of the spirit in order to anchor it better to the talisman and allow the talisman to capture more of the energy or power of the spirit.

Ok, thanks for the answer. I can probably buy some of the 20 dollar ones from Amazon.com, not sure if they the type of quality that is needed. I think drawing them would be a more person connection. Until I can get some from the Rufus Opus site.

Honestly, I have made talismans and amulets out of some of the strangest things when money was an issue or I was living with a nosey non-magician and could not make anything elaborate without them in my business, they work just the same as long as the intent is strong and persistant. And you do have to charge them more frequently, they wear out about every 3-5 days, so short term use is best.

Maybe I will use a vase, I got a really weird looking one with a flat bottom, kinda like these: http://thumbs.dreamstime.com/z/3-genie-bottles-4622660.jpg

and a vase with Greek figures on it, old from family, I am thinking of maybe trying to anchor some spirits to them. I plan on putting their sigils on them and asking if they would like to live there. Sound like a good plan?

Before you attempt to haphazardly bind a spirit, work with it regularly for a long time beforehand. And thoroughly research what makes a vessel work.

Yea, I am going with the ones I work with. Not going to force them or anything like that.