Talisman of darkness

This is a rough sketch I’m creating a talisman of darkness, on the outer boarder the word darkness is repeated in Arabic, greek, Hebrew, Egyptian hieroglyphs, Korean, Runic language and the demonic language that I channeled.

In the centre I combine an array of symbols that have dark powers, such as the inverted pentagram, Saturns symbol, the serpent, the black lightning, the scythe, the trident, the dragon eye, including a sigilized darkness spelling, and numbers in numerology leaning into darkness among other symbols.

These including the vast languages coincide and the experience I had with the dark power within in it are incredible.

You first awaken the black flame with Azazels chant, then channel that energy and push it into the talisman.

Then call the powers of darkness into the Talisman activating each symbol and charging them.

Then I give a chant in Latin, that call the force of darkness like a possession into the Talisman.

And projecting my inner evil into it.

This is just a rough copy of the Talisman but it works brilliantly.


What’s it’s purpose though, what can it be used for? I didn’t quite get it.


It can store the power and force of darkness itself, it can be used for blessing and empowering items, it can be used for calling on dark entity’s, it can be used for psychic vampirism sending darkness to your enemy, it can be used in demonic mediation to develop the dark self, it can be used in baneful magick. Honestly that’s just the start it could do a lot more