Taking the plunge

Well I am few hours away from my trial period being over , and I can download the videos and workbook to my computer . My first main desire
is to sense sporting event outcomes , stock market info , and lottery .
Also another desire is contact Nicholia Tesla and maybe a martial arts master like Ed Parker . I was thinking of Bruce Lee , but he would probably respond with I am going to kick your a** , then we begin lesson :slight_smile:

Here are some of my questions . On scrying with the everclear fire in the bowl , can I use a candle instead ? Can online tarot card reading be done ? For practice I was thinking I could do that for people on this board . If I was able to channel or communicate with Leonardo Da Vinci , how could I get it to come out in English ? Is there a way to keep the spirits from lying or to know when they are lying ?

On scrying into fire, a candle flame doesn’t really provide a large enough field to work with, camp fires are good though and bonfires are great.

Regarding online tarot, as demonstrated in the videos, you don’t need your subject to be present in front of you to do the reading, although it would probably provide a better link. There are alot of people providing online tarot both paid and for free.

On channeling and languages, in my experience whilst entities may communicate in a foreign tongue, the intention of their communication is generally transmitted to you either in words you understand or some other more abstract form.

I can’t comment on your last question, I have never work with entities known for deception, I am under the impression that this sort of deception is generally limited to lesser entities.

Find an entity that can translate, also if you expect an entity to try to decieve you, the chances of it doing so will increase.