Taking the physical body to the astral or soul realms

Robert Bruce and Ea Koetting were having a discussion during a interview, Robert Bruce explained physical shapeshifting and physical immortality is possible.

If the practitioner takes the physical body and alters them in the plane then they could return in the form they chose and change back also.

But then rises the question, how is the projection of our physical body even possible.

Wouldn’t there be a a huge number of things you’d have to do like making a actual portal to the astral or soul planes.

It would have to be completely PHYSICAL, and the you’d have to adjust the physical body’s vibration and the vibration of your particles, atoms, molecules etc.

Then you’d have to find out how to do all this and loads more, this seems amazing if achieved but this seems so far out there.


Maybe that’s what happened to Atlantis. They made a portal and bam, they have gone to the astral realms? Eh, it’s fun to theories.


I think it was in the evocation course where Eric talks about slowing vibrations to physically manifest something and raising vibrations to make is disappear. This is beyond my current level of ability, but maybe possible to do it to yourself so you would become astral, go where you want to materialize, then slow the vibrations again to return to the material?


Funny you mention that not long ago I was talking about vibrational change but Robert Bruce said taken the psychical body but if I changed the vibrations to match the astral then my body wouldn’t be physical it would be astral kind of a mini paradox if you will

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Hmm, but if we look at it the other way, such as cameras picking up images of supposed ghosts, those entities are not physical. Let’s say hypothetically that ghosts manifest on the physical plane (for sake of argument I’m aware but ignoring other theories). Since those said ghosts don’t become physical, maybe the could be within what Robert Bruce calls the Real-time Zone, that border area between here and the astral. It’s less dense than here, but nearly a duplicate of the earth plane. Perhaps if ghosts can manifest there, and can be seen, people can raise their vibration to the point of the RTZ and still be mostly physical?

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I’d like to know @Lady_Eva 's take on this :slight_smile:

Actually quite true, the chakras and auric field altered can alter the physical body.


You can enter the real time zone when you Astral project and it’s where most people end up in their first projection

That’s an interesting point, when I am calling for a spirits aid while in rapture. I realize my candle flames almost glitching like they flicker in slow motion and it seems like everything goes almost drowsy and slow. Could this be what you’re talking about?

Maybe, I don’t know lol when talking about physically shifting planes (rather than astral projection), this is just guessing

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I believe one of the final initiations for the OAA teaches physical materialisation aka teleportation more or less

@C.Kendall Well from what I’ve seen, the path to immortality rests in mastering the devil’s stone, and soul travel. If you can manifest any object, as described by EA and some Yogis out there, what is to stop you from manifesting a whole new body, then using your mastery of soul travel to inhabit the new body and discard the old one?


There’s a lot of legal issues involved in simply “body hopping”, especially if you form an entirely new vessel. Paperwork has to be in order for life to continue in the modern era, if you wish to function in society.


That’s true. I’ve thought about this as well and I think there are ways around this too. A lot of things can be bought nowadays, including citizenship… depending on which country you’re talking about. Once you have citizenship somewhere, getting by becomes easier. And of coarse, money would not be an issue for someone who’s mastered the devil’s stone

Hypothetically if you were to possess an animal would your intelligence take over the animals to the best of your ability and make the animal have consciousness? Because from what I know animals don’t have moral responsibility they know not of the future due to their brains evolution rtc etc. So would you literally change their brains structure or would you change their structure? To put it simply. If you possess a less intelligent species will the brain of the species change to your intelligence or will your intelligence be shaped and margined by the less intelligent species.

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That’s a good question. I honestly don’t know the answer to that one. My guess is that you still retain your sense of self and memory, but you would be physically bound by the limitations of that animal.

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Hmm so maybe your intellect would exist astrally while controlling the animal or it would combine your intellect with the animal or some other combination🤔

Years ago I even wondered if I could meet fictional characters, go to their worlds or in other times, “with the body”. Anyway recently I found on here a question similar to a thought of mine.
Some authors believe that a magical operation could leave aside space, time and logic. So, maybe past and future moments exists forever (as opposite to a reality that transforms itself and can’t be recovered). If I want to change the past, either I would indeed change it, create another timeline or even awake in the body of an alternate “me”…
I’m actually interested in physical immortality too, reading the Tirumantiram, giving tries to such mantras like the Vajra Guru one, ArutPerumJothi etc.