Taking the Call for Ascent

Hello, my fellow gods and gods in the making! My name is John, but my magickal name and primary Daimonic mask is Tartus Malus, the Emerald Wizard.

I have read Ford’s Apotheosis, and then finished a beginner’s Witchcraft book, and so it is now my mission to make contact with people and develop not only myself but help to improve others and their ascent so that we may rise as a Legion of power against our enemies, our magick creating the catalysts for our enemies to eradicate each other.

Soon I will be reading my copy of Koetting’s Complete Works, from Kingdom of Flames to the Book of Azazel, and filling my book of shadows with my results, which I am willing to share among all of you to boost morale and hopefully raise our spirits. I intend to one day rise up as a great leader among us all, and focus my power as a rising Titan to empower the elder gods and ourselves as a rebirth of their grand glory.

My patron god is Cronus, otherwise known as Saturn, the Titan god of Fate, Time, Justice, and Abundance(or the Harvest). I made an oath to him that in my ascent that I will reforge the pantheon and create a new Golden Age, full of Sigils and ways to contact the Titans and pathwork them as well. Saturn came to me in my first three evocations, not to a physical form but in presence - never in my life have I felt such immense power. Through the BALG brand of teachings I seek to step into Hell and prevail as a friend to the Infernal, and march with you all in the coming Awakening and Apotheosis.

I wish among all things to bring the names of Cronus/Saturn, Oceanus, Prometheus, Epimetheus, Hyperion, Iapetus, Hypnos, Styx, Rhea, Ouranous, Gaia, Nyx, Tethys, Hecate, Coeus, Eos, Theia, Themis, Pallas, Perses, Crius, Astreus, Phoebe, Helios, Selene, Menotius, and Atlas all to glory and remembrance for all their power and all their ability. Through becoming a living god, I will seek to show all of the power in becoming a Titan as well. Together, we will shake the world and raise up the athame and the sickle, and defend and reap the benefits of our grand change in effect and to come.

I hope to meet and know all of you well, and to learn and teach.


That’s pretty much what we have been doing here for almost a decade now so I don’t think we need you to “boost our morale.”

No thanks. Don’t need one of those. It kind of defeats the purpose of the Left Hand Path.

Do you actually practice anything? In all of that big talk, you haven’t actually told us what your experience is, or how long you have been practicing.


I’ve done some Evocation, as well as basic spells ranging from candle work to rain-spells. I’m fairly much so a beginner, but I’ve got a lot of greymatter so it’s been helping me with my confidence and ability. I just like to talk real big and poetically is all, sorry if that may be an issue.


So how long have you been interested in the Greek Pantheon? Do you have plans to pathwork with those entities?
And out of interest, why not Tartarus instead of the xtian Hell at that rate?


I’ve been interested in the Grecian pantheons since I was much younger, about 12. Over the years I had drifted around spiritually, unsure of who I was, and what I wanted in life. Xtianity never really fit with me, it felt too submissive. My plans are to work with each of the Titans, of which I am starting with Cronus and going to be moving to Oceanus or Rhea next, and then afterward see what I can do in regards to the Olympians, starting in that area likely with Hades or maybe Poseidon.

Tartarus is surely on the bucket-list, I’m very much so interested in the entities among the “demonic”. My first steps among a serious path are really much a bid to learn and then figure out how things go. Cronus, or Saturn, has really helped me forge myself over a short period of time, which is what I asked of him to help me with. As I unlock more abilities the more easy I feel things are going to go(of course with necessary struggle and hardship, which I’m prepared for), and that excites me to no end.


Nah you’re good, great to have ambitions and stuff, after all - and a young E.A. Koetting was often fond of poetic language! :wink:

We do occasionally get self-appointed saviors show up among us and start trying to lay down the law, so folks can get a bit jumpy with claims made to power, but it’s all good, you’re among fellow fruitloops here and so long as you don’t try to bpss us about, we’re all cool! :+1:

What drew you to Cronus? :smiley:


Cronus drew me in by my desire for self revolution, the ideal of fate and justice, and his divine feeling that I felt when thinking and learning of him. From Saturnalia and his myths, and the unknown and lost stories or the Titans, I felt a calling and I chose to take it. I asked him to push me into changes that will lead me to power, in return I will pathwork and write down a Grimoire for others to explore that same power. I plan on making the entire project of mine public, because I’m passionate about helping others instead of just myself(like a real leader or god should). I’ve always been a man of fate so I go with the flow but very much so I’ve taken upon the reigns as my own as I’ve been progressing. Over the last year I’ve just been studying with soft testing, successful at a rate of 100%.

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This does sound pretty cool, don’t hear much about people working with the Titans or just information on them besides one of our close members here.


I hope I can show real results and give you guys that information. It’s my passion to complete this working, and when I am finished continue to stuff my brain with even more knowledge and walk even more paths. My current primary altar has statues to Cronus and Oceanus, and I’ll attach a picture of that as well.


First of all, welcome to the forum :wave:t4:

Second, sure, you’re welcome to show the results. You can take it a step further and create a journal here if you’d like to document said results.


That suggestion sounds very tempting, I will for sure consider doing so. Thanks for your welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s a great idea. @TheEmeraldWizard we have a whole category for #journals-group-rituals-free-readings.
There’s a ton of interesting reading in there if you have time.


I’d suggest to ask them if they want to share the same altar. Personally I wouldn’t place the son who castrated his father along with the father in the same spot.
Also that’s how Poseidon appears usually, and I think that’s his statue too, is that how you see Oceanus?


Poseidon and Oceanus are different in a way that is a bit of interesting story. Oceanus was the brother of Cronus, and son of Ouranous(the primordial god of the Sky, and the one Cronus castrated in most depictions) and Gaia(goddess of the Earth), and his symbol is the crab. Commonly he is depicted as having the body of a serpent and a crown or horns made of crab chitin, with tiny pincers to boot. After the Titanomachy, the Titans were for the most-part cast into Tartarus and later redeemed and given new jobs by the Olympians, but in the transfer of power Zeus took Cronus’s power over the Sky, Poseidon took Oceanus’s sprawling seas, and Hades took over a new realm blessed to him by Gaia and the souls of the dead. Oceanus became more or less like Helios and Selene after a while, coming to represent the actual Ocean and the Seas itself, and his wife Tethys representing rivers, lakes, springs, etc.

Titans are very much the forces of nature, while the Olympians represent overcoming nature and becoming more of a system of mankind, and of intellect, rather than raw or primal forces. Prometheus represents the power of evolution, as a Titan instead of an Olympian(which is more human than nature), through gifting man the powers of fire and all the knowledge to descend from it, and being punished by the forces of hierarchy and war that was birthed from that knowledge. Knowledge is power, and such power can be in the hands of both negative and positive hands, and can be used to either destroy or build, and many times can express the most primal instincts in the most deep and meaningful ways. The little heart in the middle of the altar represents his 3,000 children, too, which were the water spirits and nymphs. Due enlighten me if there’s other interpretations of the castration myth, it’ll be helpful regardless of if I can see it having much impact on my interpretation or not.


A word of advice, @TheEmeraldWizard: don’t try to teach that to Anassa. She is our local expert in the Greek pantheon.


I didn’t took it as an attempt to teach me something, but to explain, so all good! I have to admit I confused the names cause I read his intro too fast. He’s right, Uranus was the father of Cronus, Oceanus his brother. My bad!


I think OP may have a brigh future ahead, so I’m just making sure he get the details right :wink:


I love the Othrysian(Titan) Pantheon so I hope I can be as accurate as possible. I’m aware that many people interpret myths based on other regions of Hellas that existed, so anything can be possible, just as how Tiwaz(Tyr) was king of the Germanic pantheon in some areas and Odin in others. Anything is possible, any interpretation.


Welcome! I would definitely read your journal if you make one because I’m a fan of how dramatic and poetic your writing style is.


I relate to this so much! I’ve done very similar spells to you! Rain & weather spellsand snow magic. I’ve also done bubble magic, there are 4 elements of course fire,air,water & earth, but I like to include others like thunder, bubble, snow, time, cosmic, metal/all metals. So I work with a variety of “elements” !