Taking off the Blinds

Deep down I’m scared to remove the Vail I have over my eyes that prevent me from seeing and hearing spirits. I don’t meditate have not in months due to the fact last time I heard a voice… A “woman” say my name like she was right next to me…scared me… alot. But I have kept studying magic /books /rituals with great results and I can feel there presence. i even talk to them (spirits) as if I can see and hear them and they do respond by doing what I ask or showing me a sign.If you guys could help in anyway I appreciate it.

I would suggest binding or banishing your fear. Get back to meditating. And push through, if you want to continue to make progress its something you have to work through. You could also try something like this.

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Part of my path seems to be about facing things that are difficult, scary, or unpleasant. In the past I have been a master of avoidance, and that avoidance became the shackles that prevented me from seeing who I truly am. It is as if by facing my fears I see that I was strong enough and powerful enough to confront it all along. I was afraid of my own power and potency.

Are you also afraid that you may be stronger and more powerful than you care to admit?

It sounds like you have the ability to work with spirits…

I don’t know why I’m afraid of my own abalities


Part of it is societal programming. When we’re children we are very open to such things, which is why you often hear of children having imaginary friends that turn out to be spirits of some kind. But as we grow up and have more and more mundane responsibilities we shut the door on those senses, all while being told that such abilities are either evil or a sign of mental illness. Memory being what it is, we forget that we could contact spirits and control inner powers or taught out right to fear these abilities, so when we delve back into it, it feels unnatural and frighting, when it is in reality the natural state of man.

there’s a quote from Sri Yukteswar that i like to use to explain this. A bird’s natural place is in the sky, but if you lock a bird in a cage for 20 years, he will forget life outside of the cage, once the door is opened, he will be scared to leave his new home, the cage, thinking the cage is his natural place. Only after some coxing can we leave our own cage and reclaim what was our natural state of being. :slight_smile:


If you where me what would you recommend?

I haven’t tried it yet, but the post that Dinmiatus is referencing to should help. really the only suggestion I can give is, baby steps. Fear is an odd emotion, for some it scares some away, for some it empowers them. The banishing of fear may help ease it, but it will still be there. Start small, and only with spirits you are comfortable working with, and go with the knowledge that are perfectly safe. generally that’s where fear stems from the inherent want to avoid pain.

If this helps you, some people feel that a physical talisman of symbol of saftey assists them. I would recommend getting Citrine. It’s a fairly inexpensive and good protective crystal.

I wear a protective talisman now I thought about taking it off

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It’s all a matter of what makes you comfortable. Like the summoning circle, some people feel it protects them and gives them the confidence in doing their ritual. In reality, the circle helps you focus your energy, but if a spirit wanted to the circle really means nothing. with spirits, show them respect and they’ll respect your boundaries. These practices are a lot safer than most believe they are :slight_smile:


If you know something scary is there then it is better to see it.

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