Taking a long break from BALG

I think the regulars here have noticed that I’ve been active in the community for a while here and then one day I started to stop coming as often. I’ve been involved in the occult for about a full year now, and while I feel at home here, there are a few reasons why I feel like I need a 6 month break from BALG.

Winter has always been a hard season for me because I always have some extra work and/or a stupid thing to worry about dumped on my shoulders. On top of that I feel physically and spiritually on “pause” and so it’s conflict that can’t sort itself out until around May, and even then it might drag on a bit. Usually it happens quite late, but I haven’t had much time since January 10th to do everything I want to do.

I’m taking a break from BALG to sort stuff out, trade some forum time for creative endeavors, can start organizing a schedule that will help me juggle two college classes at once starting in March. I’m going to find some time to read and do a ritual every once in a while but I’m not going to report anything publicly for a while.

I like you guys. Everyone is really awesome. I just don’t have the time for everything and I feel like that a time in a more mundane life will replenish me more than doing magic.

Hail Thyself and Become your best Self!



Right on, fare thee well :slight_smile:


Safe journeys, you’ll be missed! :+1:


Be blessed in your path.

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You are a credit to yourself and everyone here.

You get it. I am proud of you - you deserve the best and through doing this I can assure you that what is perceived as mundane by many actually becomes magickal.