Taking a good long break

Not sure if I will be back. Sorry for wasting time and effort of others.


You have NOT wasted time, but simply endeavour to work on this and put your focus and quest for truth to good productive use and above all, to be on your own side. :sunny:


Exactly what @Lady_Eva said.


Breaks can be good to help solidify experiences or cast them aside. Perspective, outside of the work.


No … Neither demons or angels ever urlp me, so fuck em. They’ve made me an atheist, so good on them. Doesn’t explain everyone else, but few really help anything anyway. Just using whatever power is between my ears, and fuck everything else.

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Some people aren’t meant to be magicians, and apparently I’m one of the ones not meant to be one.

I would love to be able to materialize a handgun on Judgement day, and off my soul, defeating plans of both.

How long have you been practicing magick?


What is the reason why you wanted to quit, actually Fuego?
I mean, there is absolutely nothing that cannot be solved with magick, all you’ve got to do is ask
and follow the leads, - and be in a place of being receptive enough, like in nature. If you need more tips on getting things to actually work out for you, feel free to let it know -
You are a multidimensional being by nature, and you have never not been- magick is a way to directly work with your own eternal multidimensional nature.

Magick is the way to help you achieve anything, by the way - if you’re not satisfied and in awe, it means that you’ve missed out on major things in your growth that can be resolved. :wink:



Enjoyed reading your posts. Take care!

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I feel ya, my friend. I’ve been there myself.

Sometimes a break is just what is required.


I mean, everyone has their talents, which may or may not include magick. You seem to have a definite grasp of Qabalah, as well as skill in Tarot reading. Dealing with spirits, whether it’s invocation, evocation or just plain communication, though, (and especially in the black magick paradigm) can act as an incredible stressor to one’s sanity and mental stability if underlying issues aren’t dealt with first. Although desperation magick is possible, it’s not a good foundation to start the Great Work on IMO.

In short, my advice is to take a break and focus on satisfying the basic needs of Maslow’s hierarchy without even thinking of anything that’s not mundane for a while. Once your situation is stable, then throw on some metaphysical kindling onto the alchemical fire in the form of spirit work, etc.

Best of luck man.


It is probably worth mentioning that being a magician does not mean bargaining and dealing with demons, angels, and spirits. That can be a part of it but it is just one way of doing things. It is using knowledge and power to shape the world to your will, whether you do that through evocation, or methods like psionics, or directed energy and personal power doesn’t matter so much.
You might be better worth it looking into alternative paths to working with outside beings and focus more on energy manipulation and such. I have far better success using my own power and methods that rely on that than with bargaining with spirits for anything but knowledge.


Seriously about five years per decade. This decade was about 3-4 years. This time I was committed, but I felt fucked over by both sides. So I cannot explain everyone else’s beliefs in it, but I’m compelled to take an atheistic view on it all, and just use what a human can do with no outside intervention/help. If that amounts to nothing then so be it.


I have no idea how to respond.

If you were working both sides at one time you may have counteracted yourself. Mom against Dad. Try ONE thing at a time. There’s no rush.

Yeah. A job, apartment, license and break from it all is more important to me than magick, which hasn’t done shit but lose any of those. Not really feeling any construction after destruction jazz either.

Not even sure I could verify magick or an invisible boogyman is responsible for the help, for that matter.

Yeah, but I wasn’t. I’ve not verified any of them have helped in any way really. Im done trying to impress any of them after all the pep talks how they love to work with humans.

Sometimes a decent break is just what you need. I somewhat understand by how everything can get overwhelming, and it’s like everything is against you. A decent break can be one of the best relievers.

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