Takeing souls from the Cemetery

I was driving to work passing a cemetery and I heard a voice say come take me from the cemetery to work for you. This is the cemetery where my Grabdparents are buried so I went to thier graves first but something told me that they weren’t the ones that called me. I went to another grave and took 4 pennies to throw like chomolongos to ask if he was the one that called me. It landed yes. I said will you help bring people to the club I’m working he said yes. I made a deal with him telling him what I would give him if he lived up to his end of the bargain. I took dirt from his plot put it in a bag and dumped some of it on the 4 corners of the block its on. And some in the front and the back of the club. It worked ok. The club was busier then usual. Anyone have any input. With more preparation I’m going to see what I can do better next week. Everything I did the spirit told me to do. He showed me some good stuff to do to get some real results. What do u guys think?

Work with a psychopomp. Pay the gatekeeper when you enter the cemetary. Always cleanse when leaving the cemetary after coming home. Be cautious.
Necromancy can be dangerous. Remember, these are human spirits. Their personalities and intentions are about as varied as a crowd full of living people. Even if one does call you, it doesn’t mean it’ll be nice. Having a psychopomp to handle them will keep ya safe.
Good luck.

Sounds like you did well. Didn’t get arrested for trespassing, didn’t come home crossed. Euoi’s right though, you should cleanse. Also, if you’re visiting family only, I’ve found you don’t need to pay a gate keeper. They’ve always been happy that I came to venerate my family and clean up the graves. But that’s just me