Take a bath with Belial

Well, i was just doing a meditation in my bath and suddenly i felt a big headache idk why i said in my mind “Belial ? Is that you ? Show me a sign”. I felt something and then when i look in the mirror i saw this

Nice sign dude


Looks like this is His fetish catching ladies in their bathroom. He did this with me 3 times (thighs and forearm) and only in the bathroom.

Every time when I’ve take a bath with Him (after I realize that He is here) I’m just like:


a bath with Belial? that sounds hot. But Kali sounds abit more my thing, maybe.


I dont usually comment on things like this because they go a very different direction usually. I can comment on Belial and water however as well as physical experience.

From my experience, this sounds like one of his many many followers that come with him.
I would look into his legions more. He is usually followed by the ones who have the least laws bounding them. This includes metaphysical as well.


He definitely likes to physically mark in my experience. I have what look like two small permanent bruises on my body. One on my left leg above my knee and the other is on the top of the my left foot. Both had to do with him trying to teach me something about constellations.

As far as I know spirits DO NOT have the same boundaries or social norms that we do. I am frequently watched or joined in the shower, this isn’t sexual. With all that water and myself in a relaxed state, I’m highly receptive and they use it as an advantage for transmitting information, pictures, or emotions.

From what I’ve been through if they choose to show up when you’re already naked 0 fucks are given. If however you purposely summon them naked, some spirits really don’t like that and prefer a more formal way of dress. Naked seems to have 0 influence on sexual relations as well.

The most intense experience I’ve ever had was fully clothed, at work, while I was actually running a group. No idea who was doing it, but let me tell you… nothing beats trying not to moan or restrain sex face in front of a group of ex cons. :+1:


I’ve had something similar happen, but the water went from hot to cold in the shower xD

He did it as a way to tease me.

I have had other spirits “mark” me, but I usually don’t notice them until after I get out of the shower.


Your comments always gives a kind of “raise” to me. :hugs:

You meant, this was a sudden sexual “act” on the Astral, or via thoughts? If your answer is yes, well I sympathy with you. It isn’t easy when these happens before a kind of “audience”, like in your case.

Very first I thought that I’ve just became “horny” within a second, but I was unable to “escape” from these, and I’m just hope people around me doesn’t noticed anything. :woman_facepalming:


Belial loves a good pussy

he does love a dick too lol

oh the king is a voyeur


I guess astral. I felt someone position under me while I was sitting in an office chair and then slide inside me. I felt them finish after a while and then kiss me before everything stopped.


Hm… I’ve always been thinking about why did They do this in this kind of situations.

First I thought that for Them, it isn’t really important where at you at these moments, at all. But They also have to know about how do Their “actions” put an effect on you, and looks like, They handle it an another way.

Would They want you to be able to handle these? … at first sight it isn’t seems to important.
Though you’ll find out some things when you’ve experience this sudden actions.

It can be a form of how They want you to know about Their presence, Their attention?
Or They want these to make your connection between both of you more stronger? - At least, based on my experiences theye kind of sexual acts “in public” not really was a raw round, at all. And what you said:

and then kiss me before everything stopped.

A kiss sometimes can be more intimate than sex, itself.
(It happens when I make out with a Deity for 15-20 minutes, without sex.)


I just saw that i’ve got 2 others on my legs didn’t notice them haha.
All of you make me think about something, the last 2 Times i’ve take a bath i felt like someone was touching me (in my nono zone y’know). Is that him too ? When i do rituals he often pop out from nowhere… Those 2 Times i was trying a beauty ritual (the one of Stargirl on YouTube if ya know her)


If you didn’t work with other Deities, then probably yes, it was Him. But you can ask next time when it’s happens again (you can’t lose anything), or identify Him based on His energies, as I do.


Belial once left an algiz Rune on my chest the day after a invocation.
When you continue to work with him look for markings and journal them cause is not by accident or malicious intent.
He usually gives symbolic signs of his willingness to work with you.
I love to meditate in the bath (I’m Scorpio)
And a lot of great visitations and commune can happen when you find that one comfortable place.


Lmao!!! Love it

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While sleeping Belial touched me felt as if he marked me…felt like a scratch from nape of my neck up to the middle back of my head…at first i was like…oh shit!!! And jumped up, and then i said to myself it was only Belial. I had performed a meditation exercise earlier that evening using his symbols to to remove some blockages


I got a mark like this on the inside of my thigh last week right after a shower. No clue who was responsible in my case.


He does love to get in the bath and uh…do stuff. Lol.