Tai Chi and energy transference

I’ve been practicing with my Dad Thai Chi. But he has cancer. I know that it’s just physical, and it’s just our energy. But I still wonder and think this place is the best to find actual information. Is there any precaution you would say?

Thank you for any information


I don’t quite understand what you mean by this.

Qi Gong has been used to treat cancer, if that is what you are asking. In fact there is a form of qi gong invented by a female master specifically to heal cancer.

Edit to add: Are you asking if practicing Tai Chi with your dad will give you cancer? The answer to that would be no.


He has cancer and I do practice with him. I believe it can heal him but we are doing push hands together so we go back and forth with energy. (Press on each other and use force to help ground our feet into the ground and such.


Push hands is a martial application from Tai Chi Chuan rather than a healing application per se, but at least it moves te qi. Intention is everything so willing that the practice is helping heal the cancer is going to help anyway.

He could look into 8 Brocades Qigong and other moving forms that might be beneficial. Also The Water Method of Taoist Meditation *2 volume set) contains methods to isolate and dissolve ailment like headaches and blocks, that I’d have success with and I would use on cancer spots if I had any.



Push hands doesn’t use energy transference, but energy flow. It’s purpose is to teach the practitioner to move with the energy of their opponent, not against it. You don’t actually take the energy into yourself.

It would no more give you your dad’s cancer, than if he breathed on you.

As @Mulberry mentioned above, 8 Brocades qi gong can help with healing. There are many varieties of the exercises available. I learned a version of them called the Precious Eight, from an old book called The Power of Chi, and the author describes using the exercises to heal his lung cancer. They act as both a way of healing and a way pf prevention.


Thank you!! That’s super beneficial and I’ll let him know about this.

That truly gives me peace and a push to train together more to help him and myself.



I’ll be looking into that, and learn thst for my ascent. That sounds interesting, and truly powerful in so many ways !


Cancer are nothing more than bindings. Meaning, resistance, meaning fixed personallity, meaning fixed beliefs about reallity and himself.


Wow then it can be overcome… that really in a inspiring statement !

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