Tabaco , Puro , Habano

Who think of tobacco in magic, some experience, how to read it or things that have happened to it. Also if they have some suggestions, opinions on Tobacco, Pure, Habano.

Greetings, and excuse my English.


Nicotiana rustica is the shamans’ psychoactive choice and is available on-line in various forms. This is the strongest tobacco designed to blow your head clean off! A little goes a long way. I use it in smoking and nasal snuff form. Using nicotine I can get deep relation quickly.

I’m an addict, so when I curse I give up nicotine for only a few hours and I’m fucking ready to fucking kill! Sweaty, full-on, addiction fuelled and intensely magnified pure anger and hate!

Tobacco is a Magickal herb! I also grow it in my garden.


I use my vaporiser. Currently I use 6mg Nicotine in it and that can send you mildly high away, it seem like a good gateway. I am able to better hear any entity whom may want to speak. It’s a good way for me to hone my skill.