Sytry Experience

Okay so first evocation Ritual ever. I read from Ea Koettings book become a living god.

It was the scariest experience ever i waited some moments after i finished calling. I felt a thickness in the air. then i began hearing creaks and snaps and bumps from inside my walls Next part was he scary part. I thought i hears someone on my balcony my window was open but the blinds were shut/ THEN came the WIND it was short and it only happened once. there was no storm outside. but wind gushed through my windows my blinds flying way high into the air. more creaks and then it all stopped. I spoke aloud what i wanted and as it stated in the book i tolf her to go to where she/he once came. I almost flew to by bed heart racing, I dreaded turning off the lights because there were still noises throughout the house??? surely she had left when i sad? I turned my music on to try to drown her out but to no avail. I finally confronted her. in my mind i tried to communicate telepathically. as this is how i talk to spirits.
She surprisingly was looking for “friendship” she said. She said she lives somewhere where time is “frozen” in an abyss type of way. she brought me there astrally. It was White heavier than thick fog. I told her i would accept her friendship. I asked for the first thing when i evoked her and i know it will take some time but unlike other spells and magick i KNEW it would happen. Ive never had this type of confidence in magick its almost 100% trust and i dont know why. then after that i asked her if she had the ability to get me $100.00 I wanted to buy a book… She was meant to be called on for love but BOY did she deliver on her promise! Overnight i made $900 in sales on my ebay account… that has NEVER happened before. I knew it was her. I asked again this morning for this time $500.00 And while it hasnt been over one day, i have had several smaller sales already. things are always so slow on ebay for me. the things i sell are worth something but theyre not EXTREMELY Popular. Theres a small niche who likes them. Even at the holidays time where i do sell the most ive never gotten anywhere near that amount. Lastly before i went to bed last night i asked her for the ability to be a werewolf. She asked me what abou there werewolf i wanted to much. I truthfully said the strong muscular body and limitless energy and the heightened senses. I am overweight I want a leaner muscular body. So she said she could do that…

Now i have seen her at work and i know she delivers. but making me a werewolf seemed like well fantasy. i went to bed thinking maybe she would help me get the attributes she questioned me about. ii woke up this morning and almost fell to the ground, My legs and bum were so sore it i could not walk as if i had done so much exercise … its incredible the pain in my muscles in my legs. anyone have any ides whats happened here? Thanks

Everything about her has been dramatic from her entrance to the delivery of cash to now the extent of the pain in my muscles. Thank Goodness i didnt have work today i mean seriously. And the thing is the soreness is only getting worse its intense but not unbearable. But all the working out iver ever done?? Still nothing next to this soreness. But how? How was she able to do this? I didnt work out last night so…?

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You made full contact. This is what happens when you get through spiritually.

Good job

Thank you Emperor. Can i ask what you mean by that? I am an absolute beginner. sorry for my ignorance. Thanks for replying.