Synthetic Sympathetic Fetish Items


It occurred to me recently, the mixing of a few different concepts and ideas could actually lead to a synthetic fetish item for sympathetic black deeds without having to actually acquire the persons fingernails, hair, blood, or whatever.
Let me give you a basic rundown of how this would work …
The following is only an example and closer to what I attempted personally than what is possible. But I would definitely encourage you all to experiment with this.
Take a coconut and infuse it with an astral “shell” for sympathetic attachment. As you would with an entity, fill the coconut 1/4 with earth, 1/4 water, 1/4 air and 1/4 fire. Then You’ll want to build the astral attachment to your target. So, you’ll fill the very center with the energy of life. A very brilliant light - similar to what molten gold would look like. This central “heart” is your dimensional portal to your target. Once this is well established in the center of the coconut, pull the 4 elements you previously impregnated the coconut with into the center of the coconut around the golden heart in the shape of a human - specifically - in the shape of your target. Get down to every last detail. Eyes, hair, hands - style of clothing - etc. Now to mend the targets spirit with your coconut double - this is how I did it. I took the coconut with me on a little astral trip to my targets home. There, I enlarged the coconut to the point where the target and his coconut astral double were the same size. I then superimposed the two and mended them at the heart chakra by means of the golden heart. This has to be a very intense sympathetic mending. You have to mend it so forcefully, that when you return from your astral trip - you no longer sense a double in the coconut - nor do you sense an intense sympathetic bond in the coconut - but you literally sense the very astral spirit of your target inside the coconut.
At this point - you may wish to coil the coconut with an astral serpent designed to keep the soul from breaking out or fighting back in rebellion of this odd occurrence.
Now, at this point - I’m sure this may appear to be some sort of spirit binding, and ya know what? It very well may be. But to bind the persons spirit is not, at this point anyhow, my intent. I do not know how actual spirit binding is performed, so I cannot say if this is a legitimate way to do it or not.
After I have the imprisoned soul - I will then bore a hole into the coconut, and extract some of the fluid and meat of the coconut.
This coconut fluid and meat appears to me, so far, to be as personal and potent as if it were the actual amniotic fluid or placental tissue the target was birthed from. Keep in mind, this is an extremely intense link you’ve created, not to mention the extremely symbolic nature of the coconut and its fluids.
Once you have this sample, you can then release your target and use the sample for whatever purposes you find fit.
One side note - this doesn’t necessarily have to be used for baneful purposes. In fact, such a potent fetish item can probably be used for some pretty serious healing as well. This might be a good method for healing someone from far off who you can’t get any fetish items from.
However, even for healing, I would still probably temporarily bind the spirit. I noticed, while performing the binding, that the persons spirit became quite anxious and needed some restraining. I had to actually dumb it down, or sedate it, with some elemental work to keep it in a mostly lethargic state. So - even if the person knows you’re doing what you’re doing, it’s highly unlikely their spirit would kindly accept the binding - so the extra restrains will most likely be necessary.
I gotta say, it’s an odd experience looking at your coconut and sensing “somebody” inside it. It’s actually quite unsettling. lol
Anyway - I don’t know if I’m going to eat shit on this one and end up with some unforeseen repercussions - so be careful. This is an experiment on my part, so I can’t promise it as a tried and true method.
~ Namaste ~


Mad scientist strikes again.


DK, this is a form of material transubstantiation, which you can do largely internally as well. This is the secret of the sacrament or communion, when done properly, wine or water becomes the blood of God.


I didn’t even put that together - huh, I’m going to have to try something tonight…