Syncing The Divination program to an ipod

I know this is a no brainer for most people on here but I am having so many problems syncing my Mastering Divination course on my ipod. I am still kinda new to these things.

My playlists on the left hand side in my itunes is organized pretty good but when I go and try to sync my Mastering Divination videos it does not work.

Does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions to properly syncing the videos?

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Goetic Glass

You may need to get a file converter, to put the video file into the right format first. Have you put other video files onto your ipod before? I’ve used the free program “handbrake” to convert video files into ipod format - you’ll need to locate a tutorial as well so you can set the settings properly.

Hi redcircle,

I have put videos on my ipod before but it is usually a hit or miss kind of thing but most of the time they do not work. The videos work in itunes but does not sync on my iphone or ipod. I am away from my computer quite often which would make watching The Divination course much easier to watch as well as other seminar classes that I am taking. I guess I assumed mp4 video formats worked with the ipod/iphone. I will check out the Handbrake converter.


I had also thought about throwing my ipod in the trash and get a different device that works. What other devices could anyone recommend to sync and play videos and mp3s?

It seems that there are a thousand different answers for each problem in itunes. Is there a much simpler way?

What device does everyone here on this forum use to watch E A’s Programs?


Ipods are perfectly good devices for playing videos, you just have to convert them first is all I’m saying. Just because a video is in the correct format (.mp4, .avi, etc.) doesn’t mean it will work - you also have to resize it.

Here is a sample tutorial:

You can also find other tutorials online, I recommend doing a google search for “handbrake convert to ipod” to see the others.

Ok, I tried Handbreak with some success!

Video number 1 of the Mastering Divination course came out taller which cropped off the sides of the video. Video number two came out great!

I am not having any luck with my ipod touch but it loaded on my iphone perfectly.

Have you had any issues with your videos converting into different sizes?


I haven’t had a lot of issues, per se. You just have to choose the settings to convert for the right device. iPod classic is different than the touch or the phone.

Thank you Redcircle, I managed to get all of the Mastering Divination program converted and it is in order on my iphone. I even put on another program on in order as well.

I did not realize there are so many settings in itunes. They need an itunes class or something, lol!

Anyway thank you again!

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