Synchronisation - Communicating with divine

So let’s begin with a few wel known numbers sequences here. Numbers that many people see often.

Some people already know the meaning because they seen threads where people asked about them. But my goal is to begin at the beginning and expand on this and search deeper meanings and numbers sequences that we don’t see that often but do come up into peoples lives:

See three numbers, then this is the meaning:

Number 111: Spiritual aligned/manifesting thougts

Number 222: The problem at hand will be solved.

Number 333: The ascended masters are with you (JCI, Lucifer, Source

Number 444: Angelic or Demonic beings are close to you.

Number 555: Change in your life or in spirituality is coming

Number 666: Is a blend of spiritual balance and earthly (material balance).

Number 777: Is a positive number. You are going a great job. You are spiritual aligned with the universe, put knowledge into practice and learning to know yourself. Some people need to learn to love themselves.

Number 888: Is financial secure in life. Or positive financial flow. This doesn’t have to mean you’re rich. Happiness doesn’t always have to come from money. If you have your means met and are happy, you are seeing this number.

So a number that is see often is 999. I have troubles letting go of the past…

Number 999: it’s time to release the old and accept a new fresh start, because this is part of your personal ascension. So it’s quite logical that 555 (change) comes with 999.

Another meaning for 999 is time to start with ascension, you’re divine goal.


Now let’s start diving a little into other parts of synchronization.

When you walk you see a lot of white feathers. You walk to your car and you see a feather on your car. Even in your home you see a white feather.

What does it mean if you often see a white feather? Now everybody sees feathers. But not everybody pays attention and not everybody see them that many or that often.

White feather
It can have two meanings

  1. You have full support of your Angels/Daemons and are protected.
  2. Your loved ones who died are well and are successfully crossed over.

I’ve started seeing them everywhere when I practiced a lot.


I see 333 the most.


Hey @Purple, thank you for your reply it’s nice to analyse a number for someone.

If we look at the number 3 then we see the following meaning:


The number of creativity, spontaneous, broad minded thinking, self-expression and communication, encouragement and assistance, talent and skills.

3 times 3 Ascended masters (see the meaning above) are around you, assisting when asked and helping you to focus on the spirit (divine) within yourself and others. The masters assist with manifesting desires and love within. You’re eyes will open.


In synchronization most people start to see one specific number 1111 and that’s why I want to look at that number and the number 1.

Let’s start with the number 1

Self-leadership, assertiveness, initiative, instinct, intuition, new beginnings, fresh approach.

Motivation, striving forward and progress. And tells us that we create our own experiences with our intent, thoughts and our believes.

1111 meaning

  1. Our spiritual mind has opened up a portal for spiritual ascension. Thanks to @princessofdarkness :slight_smile:

  2. Awaking code to awake spirituality inside of you.

  3. Oneness and connection with the spiritual realm.

  4. Focus on positive thoughts because your thoughts are manifesting quickly.

Now when we see those numbers and don’t act on them we won’t get further. It is your task as a spiritual being to dive into it:

Meditate, Rase vibration, energy exercise, magick……
So beside the meanings 111 or 1111 is always a good remembrance that we have to do our daily practice to connect and then manifest or change.

I got a tip for you all. When you see this number without thinking about it. It pops up randomly when you look. Make a certain wish every time you see it. Stay with that same wish.

And no don’t overdo it. You will not be a millionaire tomorrow (but who knows :wink: ) . But your situation can change.
Say a thank you, so mote it be…


So I’ve got 2 numbers from @princessofdarkness and it’s a nice follow up on number 1, it’s the number before 1 and 1 :wink: .

The 0 Zero and it means

Universal energies, source, beginning of spiritual journey, developing spiritual aspects, eternity and infinity, oneness and wholeness, continuing cycles and flow and the beginning point.

0000 meaning

Highest number Alpha, Omega, closer to God force, source…
Beginning spiritual journey.
It’s the number of prayer and meditation practices.
Listen to guidance without delay and look for signs.

1100 meaning

  1. Please focus on your thoughts and ideas. They are the answer to a prayer, to something you want.

  2. In love this number means compromise and push away your pride.

  3. Take action in divine messages and follow up.


@Borgy Thank you my dear friend! :blush:


For @princess_samedi09 in her other thread the following numbers explained:


Optimism enthusiasm, communication, creativity and expansion on all levels.

Is a message that Divine beings are helping to gain a positive and optimistic outlook and are helping to empower you so that you can walk your chose path with confidence and grace and suggest that the ascended masters (JCI, Lucifer, Source…) are working with you on your thought processes to enable you to make the highest and wisest choices. Be prepared to expand and develop your personal spirituality in new and exciting ways and look for opportunities to creatively express yourself from the heart. Use your natural interests, talents and personality to bring joy, knowledge and your light to others.

This is a message that the strong connection that you have with the universe is assisting you with staying positive and optimistic about your life.


Let’s start with number 8

Personal power, authority, self confidence and self sufficiency, self reliance, Good judgement, Inner wisdom. Truth and integrity. Manifesting wealth and abundance.
It’s a karmic number. Cause and effect.

1818 meaning

This is a positive number because your positive thoughts, believes and visualizations have or will manifest in an increased flow of abundance in your life. Always remember that this comes in many forms. It can be that you have everything you need in life.

Achievement, succes, striving forward.

Good judgement, determination. Go ahead in this direction and get out of your comfortzone if needed.

Always be thankful in what you get in life.

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thank you so much


Wow I literally just saw 111. I also see 444 everywhere… :rofl:


Cool as you see they are very positive numbers in your spiritual awakening/ascend.


Yesterday I saw 3 numbers often.

666, 616 and 1212.

So I’m going to analyse them here.

We’ve already analyzed number 1, but what means 2:

Service and duty, balance and harmony, insight, adaptability diplomacy and cooperation, consideration and receptivity, happiness and fulfillment, faith and trust and serving your life purpose and soul mission.

Number 1212 meaning

Be careful in your thoughts, they manifest quickly. Stay positive.

Possibilities of abundance will come to you. Like I’ve explained in other threads, abundance comes in many forms. But remember you have to be part of it. Nothings changes if you don’t work. Step out of your comfort zone .

Create balance in life and get rid of negative feelings (fears), attractions in life (for example addiction). The universe doesn’t see the difference in negative and positive so it sends back what you send.


Number 616

We’ve already analyzed number 1, but what means 6:

Number 6 is number of love and earthly needs, like materialism. Keep the balance in life with earthly and spirituality.

Number 616

  1. Focus of family and loved ones.
  2. Love yourself.
  3. Show appreciation to higher beings that help you in life. Respect.
  4. If you stay positive what you need on this earth will be met.

Fuck yeah, I love it and I don’t like it cause I fell easily in negative thoughts.

Thank you so much, I already google my angel numbers when they talk to me. I have also found a App where they can talk to me, or sometimes the message comes from a humans. It’s really amazing and it’s so absolutely diffrent than the demon energy. I like both.


What about other synchronization stuff? Like colors, animals, running into the names of certain entities etc.

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Keep on following because I try to deepen the meaning here from different resources.

Thank you.

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I mostly look deeper into numberology but this is a nice and complete site into Spirit animals:


I don’t see that back in Synchronization, in feathers and their colors I see it. I explained here the white feather, more is coming up. Even seeing entity names will come up.


I will :blush:

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